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Tag: language

Stop making calls for Dr M to quit as PM, urges...

He says nothing has changed on Pakatan Harapan leaders' stand on him succeeding Dr Mahathir Mohamad as PM.

Discard irrelevant topics in BM syllabus

The content should be simplified so as to make the whole learning process enjoyable.

Khat, Jawi, Chinese calligraphy: nothing religious or racial about learning them

Acquiring skills in khat will not dilute one's faith, but there are other priorities.

Reject Arabisation of Malay culture, urges Rais Yatim

The former cultural adviser to the government says Arab culture is not superior to the culture of the Malay archipelago.

Stormzy makes Glastonbury history, but sign interpreter steals show

Footage of Tara Asher swaying, rocking and mouthing along Stormzy's performance of the uniquely London style of rap lit up social media.

Non-alcoholic beer and ‘borrowing’ toilets

Different countries have different cultures and different norms.

The fight to save a centuries-old creole

Unesco classifies Kristang as "severely endangered" and says only about 2,000 people speak it.

Monkey experiments offer clues on origin of language

Scientists set up the experiment with a community of green monkeys in Senegal which they have been observing for more than a decade.

How Neolithic stews, yogurt helped lead to ‘F’ and ‘V’ sounds

Researchers say they spent five years on the study.

Intensify training to improve English proficiency of teachers, Putrajaya told

The National Union of Teaching Profession says the number of those capable of teaching Science and Mathematics in English is limited.

‘Adinda’, ‘kekanda’ use not advisable in sensitive times, Samad Said tells...

The National Laureate says such words can be used in private conversations but could be open to different interpretations if used in public.

Lost in translation: Papua New Guinea wins the language Olympics

If you are travelling to Papua New Guinea, you don't need to pack a phrasebook, you need to bring an entire library.

Language, civilisation and pseudo-intellectuals

People like Hasan Arifin and his supporters cannot distinguish between modernisation, Westernisation and imperialism.

How the national language could lead to national unity

Malaysians should take pride in the national language and be proficient in it, no matter what their social standing is.

Why the shift from Malay to English at the higher education...

English is an international language that can be globally understood in academic circles.

Facebook removes Burmese translation feature after Reuters report

Shortly after the article was published, Facebook issued a statement saying it had been too slow to prevent misinformation and hate in Myanmar and that it was taking action.

Could speaking the native language at home boost IQ for bilingual...

The new study is not the first to show that being bilingual can have positive effects on the brain and intelligence.

‘A lot of MPs have offered me seats,’ says Anwar

He will inform Mahathir first if he decides to take up any seat.

What’s so special about Bung Moktar?

The Dewan Rakyat speaker and his deputies should take action against the Kinabatangan MP to keep him from making inappropriate remarks in Parliament.

One of their own: Danish world number one wins China fans...

Viktor Axelsen's command of Mandarin has endeared him to badminton fans in China.

Let’s bring back the English-medium school

If ever Malaysia is going to have English-medium schools, this is the time as PH lawmakers are more open to new ideas to meet the challenges of a global village and a knowledge economy.

Analysts: Anti-UEC stand shows no reform in Umno Youth

Analysts say Umno is harping on the Unified Examination Certificate and national language issues to attract conservative Malay support.

It’s the ‘new Malaysia’: Guan Eng defends use of Mandarin in...

The finance minister says he will continue issuing ministerial statements in Mandarin after he was accused of undermining Malay as the national language.

Solving Malaysia’s problem with English

It's not about the number of hours in English language instruction, or how much the government invests in education policies.