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Tag: Laptop Ban

Laptops pose fire hazard in checked baggage and should be banned

A ban on laptops and tablets in checked baggage could be coming down the pipeline if civil aviation authorities agree with a proposal which claims that personal electronic devices pose a fire hazard in the cargo hold.

US ending laptop ban on Middle Eastern airlines

An airline official briefed on the matter said the directive gave airlines more flexibility and additional time to obtain explosive trace detection equipment.

Israeli intelligence discovered IS plans for laptop bomb

The Israeli cyber penetration was the source of US information about how the group was developing explosives that couldn't be detected by standard screening because they looked identical to laptop batteries, according to the Times.

Homeland Security: US might expand laptop ban to 71 airports

Extending the ban to all European airports that directly serve US airports would affect nearly 400 flights a day and cover 30 million travellers and pose major logistical challenges, airlines and security officials say.

Laptop ban tied to fear of direct detonation, says United’s CEO

Malaysia Airlines CEO Peter Bellew says that there is greater risk of 40 or 50 laptops' lithium batteries overheating in the hold.

US weighs banning laptop computers on international flights

John Kelly said that he was considering banning laptop computers on international flights as terrorists were "obsessed" with the idea of "knocking down an airplane in flight, particularly a US carrier."

EU demands urgent talks with Washington over airline laptop ban

Malaysia Airlines CEO Peter Bellew says an extension of the laptop ban would be a "pity" and would make it more difficult for people to travel.

US mulling extending carry-on computer ban to Europe

Airlines flying to the United States from European airports that would be involved in implementing the policy have been given a warning that it is under consideration.