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Tag: Latheefa

Wearing of ribbon bar follows MACC regulations, says Latheefa

The MACC chief commissioner says her immediate priority, since taking office, has been about serious corruption cases and not details of her uniform.

Nobody exempt from MACC probe, says Latheefa

If anyone has a complaint under the jurisdiction of the MACC, we will follow up, she says.

Cabinet has no objections to Latheefa’s appointment, says Azmin

The economic affairs minister says no one raised objections during Wednesday's Cabinet meeting.

Split widens in PKR over Latheefa’s appointment

One vice-president backs the lawyer-activist, while a central leadership council member urges people to sign a petition seeking her resignation.

Latheefa Koya ketua pesuruhjaya SPRM baru

Latheefa Koya menggantikan Mohd Shukri Abdull yang memohon perkhidmatan kontraknya dipendekkan lebih awal.

Akta MKN sama sekali tak perlu, kata kumpulan peguam

Bayangan undang-undang itu mungkin akan dikekalkan mengundang lebih banyak bantahan.

Absolutely no need for NSC, says lawyers group

It adds to protest from rights group after a minister hints that the controversial law could be retained.

Lawyers for stateless children say upcoming case to test PH’s promise

They question the Attorney-General's Chambers for pursuing the case despite a promise by the new government to solve the problem of stateless children.

Keep it up, Nazri tells quarrelling PKR

Nazri Aziz also says Umno is ready to take on Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the coming polls.

Did judge write judgment? Tian Chua seeks acquittal

The written grounds did not carry the signature and the date the judgment was prepared, which are mandatory requirements under the law, argues lawyer.