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1 in 3 female lawyers sexually harassed, report finds

A recent global survey conducted by the International Bar Association showed that one in three female attorneys have been sexually harassed at work, with half of the surveyed amount being bullied.

Uber hit with Australia class action ahead of stock listing

Aussie cabbies are alleging Uber gained an unfair advantage and destroyed their livelihoods by knowingly operating above the law.

Opposition mulls legal challenge over High Court move

Assemblyman says federal government, law minister and prime minister may be named for not following the constitution.

Russian lawmakers approve new internet law

The bill must now be approved by parliament’s upper house and the presidency before passing into law.

Kim Kardashian to become a lawyer by 2020

The reality star and fashion icon said she was inspired to study law after successfully petitioning US President Donald Trump last year to pardon Alice Marie Johnson.

No hate-crimes law, but a harmony commission instead

National unity minister Waytha Moorthy says the Cabinet prefers to enhance inter-racial ties instead of having overlapping laws.

Let us see MA63’s draft amendments early, Sabah party tells Putrajaya

Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri president Henrynus Amin says DAP is claiming credit by issuing a 'half-baked statement' on the proposed constitutional amendment without giving details.

Muslim lawyers want observer status in Arun Kasi contempt case

Association wants watching brief in proceedings brought against lawyer who wrote two articles critical of court judgement.

Football lawmakers to clarify definition of handball

Previously, a handball needed to be a 'deliberate act,' but from next season accidental handballs will also be illegal in certain circumstances.

Legal challenges to Trump emergency declaration face uphill battle

The National Emergencies Act of 1976 has been invoked dozens of times by presidents without a single successful legal challenge.

Indonesian entertainers protest law on ‘pornography’, blasphemy in music

Critics say the law could be used to clamp down on freedom of expression in the Muslim-majority nation.

Geneva to ban religious symbols on public employees

Critics claim the law will have an oppressive and discriminatory effect, with some condemning it as Islamophobic and warning that Muslim women who wear a headscarf are being targeted.

Canberra seeks to block bid to relax tough law on migrants

Under Australia's immigration policy, asylum seekers intercepted at sea are sent to camps in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Nauru, and they cannot set foot in Australia.

Sosma can be abused for political reasons, says Maria Chin

Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah says Sosma may still have loopholes to allow politically-motivated arrests.

44 types of firecrackers already legal, says Putrajaya after DAP man’s...

Only two types of fireworks are allowed by law.

Foreign businesses fret as China fast-tracks investment law

The law will eliminate the requirement for foreign enterprises to transfer proprietary technology to Chinese joint-venture partners.

Sabah minister rapped for recognising Bugis, Javanese as natives

Sabah minister Aidi Moktar comes under fire but Warisan hurriedly explains he was speaking for himself and not for the party.

Japan court upholds ‘sterilisation’ rule for gender change

Japan will now have a law that requires individuals who wish to change their documents to have no reproductive glands.

Threatened, followed and abused: Malaysia urged to make stalking a crime

Like most countries across Asia-Pacific, Malaysia does not have an anti-stalking law and such behaviour is often culturally seen as a private or a family matter.

Facebook violated controversial cybersecurity law, says Vietnam

Company officials have privately expressed concerns that the new law could make it easier for the authorities to seize customer data and expose local employees to arrest.

Italy’s populists win key vote on 2019 budget in Parliament

Lawmakers voted 327-228 on a motion of confidence in the administration on Saturday evening, a tactic often used in Italy to push legislation through parliament.

Make it compulsory to consult public on decisions involving protected areas

There is a need to improve public participation in natural resource management and for this to be effective, the authorities must provide easy access to information and contents of state and federal laws.

China mulls new foreign investment law

The new "unified law" will replace three existing laws on Chinese and foreign equity joint ventures, non-equity joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises.

Surplus food: Govt intends to have law by end of 2019

This will specifically take care of concerns of companies worried about haram-halal aspects which may expose them to legal action.