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Tag: lawsuit

Law report publisher sues Bar for breach of contract

Lexisnexis Malaysia claims to have suffered losses after the Bar terminated a five-year contract allowing lawyers access to its law reports.

Altantuya’s family withdraws appeal over failed bid to use criminal verdict...

Their lawyer says the appeal was withdrawn in view of the position of the law that criminal convictions cannot be used in civil lawsuits.

Canadian father sues Japanese firm for paternity leave harassment

The long-time Japan resident claimed he was sidelined, eventually fired after exercising his right.

2 women accuse actor James Franco of sexual exploitation

Hollywood actor is accused of running a bogus film school where women had to audition in the nude or agree to shoot explicit sex scenes.

US man victorious in lawsuit against wife’s lover

Kevin Howard filed the suit because he feels it's very important people understand the sanctity of marriage is important.

Google faces privacy case affecting 4 million iPhone users

UK lawsuit says Alphabet Inc unit gathered personal information by bypassing default privacy settings.

My remarks against Jakim’s Zamihan justified, says Perlis mufti

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin says the government religious officer had previously made statements that courted controversies.

US files lawsuit to seize money from sales of Snowden’s book

Edward Snowden’s lawyer says the lawsuit was without merit.

Trump cannot dodge foreign corruption lawsuit, says US appeals court

The lawsuit accuses President Donald Trump of failing to disentangle himself from his businesses, making him vulnerable to inducements by officials seeking to curry favour.

US to reveal Saudi official allegedly tied to 9/11 attackers

The identity of the third person has always been kept classified as Washington and Riyadh worked closely to rid of Al-Qaeda.

JJ’s stepsister tells court his children continue to support her after...

Former minister Jamaludin Jarjis' stepsister also says she asked her nephew Ikwan Hafiz Jamaludin for RM100,000 recently to help settle her debts.

Shanghai Disneyland now allows outside food, but not durian

Outside food is allowed is as long as it does not need to be reheated or refrigerated and has no 'pungent odours'.

Judge lets Facebook privacy class action proceed, calls company’s views ‘so...

The judge rejects Facebook's arguments that users suffered no ‘tangible’ harm.

Huawei drops lawsuit against US over seized equipment

Huawei says the US government returned the equipment in August after confirming no export license was required and it decided to drop the suit.

Court throws out Dr M’s appeal over forex losses suit

The three-man bench says the findings of the RCI are not subject to challenge.

US states sue Trump over indefinite detention of migrant children

Human rights groups have also criticised the Trump administration's new rule and vow to oppose it in court.

NFCorp to file counterclaim against govt over RM253 million suit

The High Court adds three additional days for hearing after NFCorp says it will file a counterclaim against the government’s suit to recover RM253.6 million owed to it.

Spotify sued by Eminem’s publisher over billions of unpaid streams

Eight Mile claims Spotify had about 280 billion unpaid music streams from 2011, resulting in unpaid royalties of as much as US$120 million.

Walmart sues Tesla over fires linked to rooftop solar panel systems

Walmart wants Tesla declared in breach of contract and is also seeking damages in connection with the fires.

High Court rules it can hear Kelantan-Putrajaya dispute over Orang Asli...

Judge says the High Court has the jurisdiction to do so as the case also involves five private companies.

Waytha sues Umno’s Lokman over claims of forged post-mortem report for...

The minister in the PM's Department says Lokman Noor Adam meant to humiliate and instigate public hatred against him.

JJ’s children not involved in running companies, says stepbrother

He says his nephew and nieces only hold shares in 3 companies as registered owners and not as beneficial owners.

Tough for Umno to sue crossovers to PPBM, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram cites established legal precedents which could be a stumbling block for Umno in proving its case against three MPs.

Lawyer takes govt to court over departure levy

R Kengadharan says any form of tax imposed on those who wish to travel abroad is a violation of the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution.