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Boeing’s Lion Air crash lawsuits may move to Indonesia

The airline company says it plans to make a formal request for a venue change.

Purdue Pharma seeks to halt opioid suits against company

Purdue is preparing for some states to argue their lawsuits cannot be halted by a Chapter 11 filing because their legal actions were brought to enforce public health and safety laws.

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy protection

Purdue's board have met to approve the bankruptcy filing, which the company is pursuing to restructure under terms of a proposal to settle widespread litigation.

Epstein sex abuse victim files first in wave of lawsuits

The woman sues Epstein's estate, claiming she was brutally rapped by the financier, the first in a series of lawsuits.

Epstein victims to sue financier’s estate this week

Two women intend to take advantage of a new New York State law which makes it possible to pursue decades-old claims of abuse.

Michael Avenatti is sued for allegedly siphoning paraplegic’s US$4 mln settlement

Johnson's claims are also part of federal prosecutors' criminal case against Avenatti, who has pleaded not guilty to wire fraud, bank fraud, extortion and other charges.

Bayer dangles US$5.6 billion olive branch to Roundup critics

Bayer is trying to rehabilitate its image as it battles a wave of US-centred litigation that has spread to countries like Australia.

Bill Murray film’s use of famed US horse racing phrase draws...

US horse racing announcer Dave Johnson claimed the movie used his signature phrase without permission.

Pell’s appeal to be heard in June

Pell became the most senior Catholic clergyman to be found guilty of child sex abuse, but maintains his innocence.

Pell’s conviction casts doubt on victim redress scheme he created

George Pell is behind bars awaiting sentencing for assaulting two choirboys in 1996-1997, shortly after he was appointed Archbishop of Melbourne.

Mueller and other probes posing risk for Trump

Democrats have been jockeying to lead overlapping investigations into the president.

Bayer digs in over glyphosate as thousands of lawsuits loom

Investors have been watching Bayer anxiously as legal risks over the chemical pile up for seeds and pesticides maker Monsanto, which by the end of October faced some 9,300 cases over glyphosate alone.

Hold negligent bosses responsible too, unionist tells minister

MTUC's K Veeriah says apart from heavier fines imposed, workers must be allowed to file criminal or civil complaints against negligent employers.

Khairuddin tells why he withdrew 1MDB suits

The former Umno leader says the suits became academic after Pakatan Harapan's victory in the May 9 polls.

Najib withdraws suits against AG, top officials

Najib Razak has withdrawn the lawsuits he filed last month against Tommy Thomas, Mohd Shukri Abdull and Amar Singh in connection with the 1MDB issue.

Lawyers: Strike out Najib’s suits against AG, top officials

They say the legal action is an abuse of court process and that law enforcement agencies are obliged to brief the media on important public interest cases.

Corruption probes: Enough with the defamation suits, says DAP man

Dr Boo Cheng Hau says whistleblowers and those who question the integrity of political leaders are 'easily subject to undue defamation lawsuits'.

Mastercard, Visa dealt setback in UK retailer fees suit

Mastercard faces at least 10 lawsuits filed by retailers in the UK totalling as much as US$2 billion in claims, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

Najib withdraws 1MDB defamation suit against Harakah

The former prime minister withdraws defamation cases against Harakah and its editors over 1MDB allegations, but MP Tony Pua wants to pursue his appeal on lifting the injunction given to Najib over another defamation case.

Now out of power, Najib faces wrath over 1MDB secrets

Najib Razak has long denied any wrongdoing and hit back at detractors after 2015 revelations that around US$700 million appeared in his personal accounts.

Jho Low balks at US plan to move seized yacht

Lawyers for Malaysian businessman Low Taek Jho say the US government does not know how to maintain or market a yacht like the Equanimity.

File legal suits against government, urges Ambiga

Even if these cases are lost, the evidence will come out for all the public to see, says the well-known activist.

Ismail Sabri plays safe on Najib being MO1

The minister says he will talk to Rahman Dahlan who has confirmed that Prime Minister Najib Razak is MO1.

Ku Nan: Anina dropped suits knowing she can’t win

Anina, however, says she filed the suits out of concern for Umno but this was no longer an issue as she is now with Bersatu.