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Tag: Lawyers for Liberty

Malaysian on death row in S’pore wrote those articles, says lawyer

N Surendran rubbishes claim by Singapore Prison Service that the articles were written by someone else and part of an 'orchestrated campaign' to pressure the Singapore government.

Human rights activist Melissa Sasidaran is new director of Lawyers for...

Her appointment follows the departure of former director Latheefa Koya, who has been appointed MACC chief.

Banduan mati kerana lambat dirawat, kata kumpulan peguam

Proosothaman Marimuthu mati disebabkan kegagalan pelbagai organ akibat penyebaran tuberkulosis kerana pihak penjara gagal memberikan rawatan perubatan yang sempurna.

Pastikan polis tak jadi mangsa IPCMC, kata bekas KPN

Musa Hassan berkata, polis tidak sepatutnya dinafikan hak untuk merayu.

Ensure that police force is not victimised by IPCMC, says ex-top...

Musa Hassan says they should not be denied the right to appeal.

Unregistered marriages have nothing to do with it, says lawyers group...

Lawyers for Liberty says as long as the father is a citizen, the child is automatically a Malaysian.

Lawyers for Liberty questions police move to deport 5 Egyptians

Its executive director Latheefa Koya says police should have charged them in a Malaysian court if they had evidence they were involved in terrorist activities.

Give ex-CJ Arifin chance to probe Wang Kelian, says lawyer

He says there are seven other members in the RCI to help the former chief justice who is the chairman.

Ex-CJ’s rights record questioned ahead of Wang Kelian probe

Lawyers for Liberty recalls some of Arifin Zakaria's decisions during his tenure as chief justice which were condemned by rights groups.

Sungai Pulai golf course project: Your hands are not tied, lawyer...

Lawyers for Liberty adviser N Surendran says it is not acceptable for the minister to do nothing and answer the public by saying, 'what can we do?'.

Johor gagal lindung hutan bakau, Putrajaya perlu campur tangan, kata persatuan...

LFL gesa kerajaan bentang satu kertas putih mengenai hutan simpan bakau yang terdapat di seluruh negara.

Don’t oppose citizenship for stateless kids, government urged

Lawyers for Liberty voices disappointment over Putrajaya's stand on the matter despite Pakatan Harapan's promises prior to last year's election.

Call for commission of inquiry into Sedition Act abuses under Najib

Lawyers for Liberty says the use of the Sedition Act by the administration of Najib Razak was the “darkest period” for freedom of expression in the history of the nation.

BN made the decision but you enforced it, lawyer tells Johor...

N Surendran says the actual act of de-gazetting Pulau Kukup as a national park was made by the Pakatan Harapan-led state government more than four months after the May 9 polls.

Lawyers group urges govt to save Malaysian slated for execution in...

Lawyers for Liberty says accused drug trafficker Prabu N Pathmanathan will be hanged on Friday unless the government intervenes.

If you want titles, earn them, lawyers group tells politicians

Lawyers for Liberty says it will render the designations meaningless if politicians or ministers are continuously awarded these titles based on their positions.

Let stateless kids sit for exams they missed, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty’s executive director Latheefa Koya says stateless children previously not allowed to sit their UPSR, SPM exams should be given another chance.

Ministry wrong to justify arrest of Syrian refugee, say rights lawyers

Lawyers for Liberty's Latheefa Koya says there is a vast difference between an asylum seeker and a migrant who willfully enters the country illegally.

LGBTs not your political punching bag, lawyers group tells Anwar

Lawyers for Liberty says the LGBT community is only asking for equality and justice for all, the same demands made when Anwar Ibrahim was persecuted by his political opponents.

Government’s right to sue: Just don’t, lawyers group tells PH

Lawyers for Liberty says Pakatan Harapan must take a clear stand against suing those who criticise either the federal government or state governments under the coalition.

Stop justifying sex with a child, say 2 NGOs

Cenbet and Lawyers for Liberty say indecision on part of government only encourages more child marriages and grooming by paedophiles.

End cover-up of custodial deaths, activist tells health minister

Eric Paulsen says the pathologists in several custodial death cases sought to cover up for the police despite subsequent post-mortems indicating police abuse.

Don’t clamp down on free speech, deputy home minister told

Human rights lawyers criticise Azis Jamman for ordering cops to arrest those claiming citizenship forms are distributed to illegals in Sabah.

Public caning for lesbian sex unIslamic, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty says lesbianism or homosexuality as a whole is not considered a crime under hudud.