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Najib, Rosmah legal teams part ways

A source says the couple could not come to terms with the strategies to be adopted if criminal charges are framed against them.

Pressure grows to sack Apandi, lawyers say it’s straightforward

Lawyers say there is an urgent need to appoint a new attorney-general, and there is no need for procedures such as a tribunal.

Lawyers for stateless children say upcoming case to test PH’s promise

They question the Attorney-General's Chambers for pursuing the case despite a promise by the new government to solve the problem of stateless children.

Freeing Congo’s Mokoko must be condition for IMF deal, opposition lawyers...

Opposition lawyers for Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko want his release to be a condition for the approval of a bailout for the Republic of the Congo.

Fortify intellectual property rights policies, govt urged

Think tank IDEAS says the government has an important role in growing the knowledge economy.

Don’t be judge and jury, election officials told

After disqualification of opposition candidates, lawyers urge officials not to deny voters the choice of whom they want as MPs and assemblymen.

1,800 auctioneers left out of e-Lelong

Their future looks bleak with new amendments to the 2012 Rules of Court which leave them out of the online system of conducting property auctions.

Lawyers for Reuters reporters argue for Myanmar court to dismiss case

Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo are at risk of imprisonment for 14 years under the Official Secrets Act.

Chinese rights activists fearful as policeman takes charge of legal affairs

Fu Zhenghua's promotion to the position of justice minister has caused fears that rights abuses will no longer be adequately dealt with.

Bid to prosecute Aung San Suu Kyi in Australia rejected

A group of five Australian lawyers have filed a private application in the Melbourne Magistrates Court seeking to prosecute her over the treatment of the Muslim-minority Rohingya.

Motions to censure senior lawyers, ban beer not tabled at Bar...

Mohd Amir Sharil Bahari Md Noor’s six motions were filed against senior members of the Bar.

Why stop at alcohol ban at Bar events?

How about a ban on revealing clothes and smoking, too?

Ex-lawyers for rap’s Suge Knight accused of witness bribery

Matthew Fletcher and Thaddeus Culpepper were accused of trying to pay off people to provide favourable testimony at Knight’s trial for murder charges.

Trump’s lawyers want him to refuse Mueller interview request

Despite Trump saying he is looking forward to being interviewed under oath, his lawyers are far less excited about the prospect.

‘Wrong to say Anwar’s term can be increased for making statements’

If other prisoners can write books behind bars, why can't a former politician make a simple statement, lawyer SN Nair asks Nur Jazlan.

Anwar’s lawyers: RCI report flawed as probe done after 25 years

Gurdial Singh Nijar and R Sivarasa say ex-finance minister Anwar Ibrahim cannot be criminally implicated as the commission made its conclusion based on wrong facts.

Ex-Johor exco lawyers ready to be investigated over leak

This comes after MACC said the documents had only been released to Abdul Latif Bandi's legal team.

Lawyer: Planned changes to legal profession act will cripple independence

Hakimi Abdul Jabar, in an opinion piece in Asia Times, says lawyers should fight the proposed amendments as these will not only undermine the independence of the legal profession but are against universal legal norms.

Zaid: Culture of indifference weakening judiciary

Former de facto law minister says it is rare to find judges and lawyers who are willing to put their careers at risk by going against the prime minister's wishes.

Lawyers: Shafee never unequivocally denied RM9.5 million payment

N Surendran and Latheefa Koya also slam Shafee Abdullah's claim that he could not comment on the allegations against him earlier as the suit was filed and pending in court.

Court fine with lawyers briefing media on Jong Nam trial

High Court judge Justice Azmi Ariffin advises the lawyers not to “cross the line” as their comments may influence public perception of the trial.

Most tax dodgers are doctors, says Inland Revenue Board

RM1.111 billion of the RM1.158 billion in additional assessments and penalties imposed against errant taxpayers this year was levied on doctors, report says.

Anwar getting limited info from his lawyers, claims Rafizi

The PKR vice-president names three lawyers briefing Anwar, saying they are supportive of PKR’s move to discuss seat allocations with PAS.

Credibility of former Bank Negara senior official questioned at RCI

Lawyers for Mahathir and Anwar want Abdul Murad Khalid and another witness to be recalled so that they can be questioned over claims they had made.