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Asian firms with female leaders  deliver better financial results

Firms whose boards are at least 30% female, generated more income from their assets.

More than 100 separatists detained in Kashmir raids in pre-election crackdown

A senior police official says arrival of more troops and arrests of leaders and activists of separatist groups is part of an election exercise undertaken to ensure fair elections.

Grass not greener on the other side, Najib tells party-hoppers

The former prime minister says it is only right for elected representatives to stay in the party under which they contested and won.

People will suffer if leaders lack integrity, says Sultan Nazrin

The deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong says poverty will increase if leaders are only focused on accumulating material wealth through dubious methods.

Singapore-Malaysia leaders’ retreat put off

No reasons given for postponement.

US archbishop criticised over sex abuse resigns with papal praise

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, a loyal ally of Pope Francis, was criticised in a US grand jury report in August for failing to halt abuse in his previous role as archbishop of Pittsburgh.

Don’t use back door tactics to return to power, Umno Youth...

Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki says doing this and jumping to other parties will make the rakyat lose trust in Umno.

Wife-beating and the misuse of democracy in demanding change

If we have concerns or observations to make about the way our country is governed, we should raise them professionally and through the appropriate channels.

PBS: Delay in choosing native and village chiefs disrespects customs of...

It says previous chiefs were sacked by Warisan-led government and their absence has created chaos in administration of local culture and traditions.

PH learning how to act like a government, says Dr M

The prime minister says Pakatan Harapan still has 'the opposition mentality' but has made adjustments over a short period of time.

More PPBM leaders slam Annuar over by-election remarks

PPBM Supreme Council member Tariq Ismail asks why Annuar is singling out Langkawi in predicting more by-elections while Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu says Annuar should repent.

Activist upset by PAS leader’s remarks over LGBT

LGBT activist Gavin Chow says the community is being made a target in the heat of the debate over child marriage.

Force public officials to declare all their assets

Fighting corruption and promoting good public governance must be the top priority of the new government.

Indian issues are national issues, rights lawyers tell Putrajaya

Lawyers for Liberty says now is the best time to move away from a racial way of dealing with problems as Indian issues should be the concern of the government and all MPs.

Time to focus on re-building Umno, says Mohamad Hasan

He says the problems within Umno caused by negative issues and lies are now all over.

Entrepreneur icon Sofia seeks to help rebuild Umno

Sofia Ahmad, who joined Umno four years ago and is contesting a post in Puteri Umno, says the party is still relevant and that it can rise from defeat.

Over 50 Taliban leaders killed in US operation

Under surveillance by the Marines, the Taliban fighters returned to their Helmand stronghold, a center for poppy cultivation.

Firing of village heads: Johor Umno calls for review

Former MB Khaled Nordin says the termination is seen as revenge as there was no strong justification for the termination.

Libyan leaders commit to December 10 elections

The decision was made after a peace conference in Paris.

Enough with the flattery, Anwar tells media

The PKR leader says media outlets are free to criticise the government, while politicians must also accept the criticism.

Some suggestions for PH leaders

Pakatan Harapan should act quickly on the sale of land in Kuala Lumpur, the investigation into 1MDB and the matter of political appointees, among others.

BN party heads roll as Pakatan sweeps in

MCA, MIC and Gerakan presidents vanquished by PH steamroller, but DAP's Liew Chin Tong falls in Johor.

Vote to ensure Malaysia gains respect again

The country needs an accountable government and leaders who can own up to their mistakes and are daring enough to undertake corrective measures to address the problems the nation is saddled with.

Dr M’s picture not allowed since PH using PKR logo, says...

EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah says only the pictures of the PKR president and deputy president can be used on campaign materials.