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Leaders must empathise with the sufferings of ordinary people, says PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad laments that one aspect of leadership that is sometimes overlooked is the ability to feel for the ordinary folk.

How to let your inner leader out

There is no one right way to be a leader. Whatever field you work in, whatever talents and personality you have — you can be a leader.

Strong leadership can stop opportunists out to damage race ties, says...

The former think tank chief calls for greater focus on economic development and wealth sharing to beat race rhetoric.

Merkel’s conservatives quarrel over party’s course

Health Minister Jens Spahn said the CDU had watered down its profile by becoming too centrist in the past years.

Gerakan to see fresh faces at the helm

It's former president Mah Siew Keong says the party is also mulling limiting the term of divisional heads to three.

With Brexit clock ticking, Britain’s May gathers fractious party

May has faced endless internal plotting and rumours of a leadership challenge.

Vietnam taps first woman to top leadership as acting president

Thinh will be the acting president until the National Assembly elects a new leader.

Anwar tells how jail prepared him for leadership role

The PKR leader says it's not true he is no longer relevant.

UK leader: Talk of leadership during Brexit ‘irritating’

She said that she is concerned for the country's future, not her own.

British PM ‘irritated’ by leadership speculation

The centre-right Conservative Party's leader said she was focused on securing a Brexit deal rather than her own future.

No discussions yet on Anwar’s Parliamentary seat, says Zuraida

PKR Wanita chief also says she only heard about the matter when she read the news.

Turnbull waits to learn fate amid Australia leadership crisis

The governing Liberal party will hold a special meeting at noon if Turnbull’s main challenger -- right-wing populist Peter Dutton -- can gather enough signatures on a petition.

Turnbull loses support of key ministers in blow to leadership

His chief rival Peter Dutton narrowly failed to unseat him in a vote on Tuesday and he intends to challenge again.

Why a top Singapore executive fired himself

Succession planning has taken off as an industry in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia, with everyone from private equity funds to M&A consultants vying to help companies transition to the next generation.

Saifuddin Abdullah to contest central leadership council post?

However, he will not contest the post of Indera Mahkota branch chief although it is his parliamentary constituency.

So what if non-Muslims make up 50% of the cabinet?

It is no use to anyone if the cabinet is made up of corrupt, scheming , dishonest racist leaders who believe in polarisation and not ability or meritocracy.

Analyst: Zahid needs to keep BN MPs together, ensure PAS support

Analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff says if Zahid Hamidi does not quickly inspire Umno/BN MPs, he risks the possibility that some will cross over to PH or declare themselves as independents.

Should we really leave everything to the PM?

Although the prime minister may want to have his own way, he cannot ignore the wishes and aspirations of component parties.

PH slammed for failing to install 30% women in Cabinet

Former president of All Women's Action Society questions if PH parties are serious about pushing women forward to be candidates and to assume leadership roles.

Former McLaren designer sees a lack of leadership

Looking in from outside, having left F1 in 2001, the 72-year-old Briton offers a blunt assessment as the sport's all-time second most successful team prepare for a home British Grand Prix.

Umno needs to press the reset button

Umno can no longer rely on God or blame Him for its fall.

Teng urged to stay on to lead Penang Gerakan

Penang Gerakan describes Teng as its “spiritual leader” and argues for collective responsibility for the party’s defeat in GE14.

Zaid: I’m not angry, just disappointed with ‘arrogant’ DAP leaders

The DAP member reveals the communication between him and the party over the possibility of contesting a seat in GE14 and his unhappiness over the DAP leadership's attitude.

Mahathir: Bad economy, so I wanted to sell off bakery

Mahathir says other businesses too are suffering under the economic leadership of Najib Razak and that since he could not find a buyer, The Loaf was closed down.