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Khairy’s leave application over Anwar’s defamation suit fixed for Nov 7

Lawyer Sulaiman Abdullah has been appointed to represent the PKR leader in place of R Sivarasa who is now a deputy minister.

Lawyer: PM has constitutional role in appointment of judges

Zainur Zakaria says the constitution states that the prime minister advises the king on the appointment of judges, therefore it is baseless to apply to recuse the judges hearing any case involving the PM.

Movie producer Yusof Haslam wins right to challenge novelist

Yusof, his son Syamsul and Skop Production will have the opportunity to prove High Court was right in dismissing claim by novelist Elias Idris.

‘No more blanket objections to leave applications in judicial review cases’

The AGC will not seek costs in the event that it succeeds in judicial review proceedings either, as it recognises the importance of developing public law, says Tommy Thomas.

Penang to pursue appeal against EC’s boundary redrawing

Lawyer Leong Cheok Keng says the state will continue with its legal challenge despite returning to power and being aligned with Putrajaya.

Lawyer: Federal Court can say who has rights to O&G in...

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar says the apex court is the right forum as the state government has taken the stand that the PDA 1974 which applies nationwide must now exclude Sarawak.

Court allows Pua’s bid to raise legal questions over Najib video

The apex court, in allowing Tony Pua's leave application to set aside an interim injunction by Najib Razak, says the legal questions posed by the Damansara MP need further argument.

Umno members want Ku Nan hauled up for contempt of court

Their representative Salihudin Ahmad Khalid says the Umno secretary-general's statement that they had been sacked was an attempt to interfere in the course of justice.

Court: Anwar’s presence not needed in constitutional challenge

Chief Justice Raus Sharif questions the purpose of the opposition leader's presence when his application for leave will be heard in chambers before a single judge.

Nufam: Airlines cannot deny staff right to vote

Flight attendants union urges its members and all airline workers to apply for leave or off day on May 9, saying airlines are not exempt from Election Offences Act.

Redelineation: Selangor to go to apex court despite impending GE14

State government tells lawyers to file application to obtain leave to challenge the Election Commission in the Federal Court, but the legal battle could be scuttled if BN recaptures Selangor.

Bersih: Court decision on Segamat army voters a blow to democracy

The NGO says the court should have considered all factors and given priority to the Federal Constitution as the decision opens the gates to electoral fraud.

Selangor govt once again fails in challenge against EC

Federal Court throws out Selangor’s leave to appeal application to determine the status of a stay order on the grounds that the state's pending appeal has no likely chance of success.

End of the road for Mahathir, Khairuddin’s abuse of power case...

Federal Court concurs with lower courts that the prime minister is shielded from suit of misfeasance in public office as, unlike civil servants, he is not a public officer.

Federal Court declines UM leave to appeal against 5 students

Judge says there is no iota of evidence that the rules were complied with in taking disciplinary action against students.

Court dismisses opposition man’s bid to challenge CJ’s appointment

Justice Azizah Nawawi rules Amanah assistant secretary Abang Ahmad Kerdee Abang Masagus does not ‘cross the threshold requirement’ for the merit of his complaints to be heard.

Govt again objects to challenge to nullify CJ’s appointment

The legal papers were filed yesterday in response to Amanah's challenge to Raus Sharif’s position, but government lawyer Suzana Atan declines to reveal the grounds for the objection.

MPs, voters head to Federal Court to challenge EC

Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran says his lawyers have submitted three questions of law to obtain leave to set aside a Court of Appeal ruling that courts are powerless to inquire into the work of the EC.

EC’s electoral boundary redrawing not subject to legal challenge, says Court...

In bringing the matter to court, two opposition MPs have ‘brought their fight to the wrong ring’ says judge Kamardin Hashim.

Court to decide if stateless children can be made citizens

Affected parents are seeking legal address as the government is not sympathetic to the plight of stateless children, say lawyers.

Apex court to decide if out-of-wedlock kids can use father’s surname

Three legal questions have been approved for argument during the appeal, including whether a federal law can exclude Muslim parents.

Mukhriz applies to cite Najib for contempt of court

Application made to High Court after prime minister refuses to apologise for allegedly trying to influence the outcome of a defamation suit against his press secretary.

Govt appeals against RM200,000 award to lorry driver’s family

Court is asked to rule on whether next-of-kin of suspects who die in lockups are entitled to exemplary damages.

Rafizi, portal owner win right to challenge fair comment removal decision

The Federal Court will now hear the merit of their appeal against a defamation suit brought by the prime minister and wife over oil subsidies.