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Tag: Lebanon

Lebanese church demands cancellation of Mashrou’ Leila show

The group, which has an openly gay vocalist, have stirred controversy in the region with their songs' lyrics tackling oppression, classism, sectarianism and homophobia.

Iran frees Lebanese man convicted of spying for US

Nizar Zakka is now a free man after his arrest in 2015 on charges of spying for the United States.

Lone attacker kills 4 in Lebanon’s Tripoli

There is no immediate claim for the shooting and the gunman's motives are unclear.

Hoda Barakat wins Arab Booker for ‘The Night Mail’

Born in Beirut, Hoda Barakat lives in Paris and has published several novels including 'The Stone of Laughter' and 'My Master and My Lover'.

Hundreds protest against child marriage in Lebanon

Women of all ages come together and marched on parliament in the capital Beirut to fight against child marriage.

British Hezbollah ban ‘irresponsible’, says Iran

The decision the display of the Hezbollah flag, which features a Kalashnikov assault rifle, at pro-Palestinian demonstrations in London.

Making ‘Capernaum’ was a duty, says Oscar contender Labaki

Director of Oscar-nominated movie hopes to increase awareness and start discussions about the plight of the poor in Lebanon.

In Lebanon’s hills, Carlos Ghosn winery presses on

A winery co-founded by detained tycoon Carlos Ghosn presses on with trade, nestled in green hills north of Lebanon's capital Beirut.

Lebanon forms new government

The country's public debt is one of the highest in the world set against the size of its economy, and it has suffered low growth for years for reasons including regional turmoil.

Hezbollah chief warns Israel against continuing strikes in Syria

In the latest strikes nearly a week ago 21 people were killed, the majority of them Iranians.

Qatar to put US$500 million in Lebanon bonds to support economy

Lebanon has one of the world's highest levels of public debt compared to GDP and stagnant growth.

Israel says all Hezbollah cross-border tunnels found

The latest tunnel, found on Saturday, began in the Lebanese village of Ramyeh, some 800 metres away from Israel.

Israel says located second ‘Hezbollah’ tunnel from Lebanon

The Israeli military had issued warnings in Arabic to residents of southern Lebanon to stay away.

Rich Lebanon flavours to savour at Al Amar Express, Fahrenheit 88

Although a Middle-Eastern restaurant, this particular spot offers wines, cocktails and beers too.

Lebanese Christian civil war foes shake hands, make up after 40...

Geagea, leader of the Lebanese Forces (LF) political party, and Frangieh, head of the Marada party, have been foes since the early days of the 1975-1990 civil war.

Australia coach Arnold recalls Nabbout, Mooy for South Korea clash

Australia coach Graham Arnold has recalled forward Andrew Nabbout and midfielder Aaron Mooy for upcoming Asian Cup warmups against South Korea and Lebanon.

Lebanon detains ‘IS-linked Palestinian’ over poison plots

The refugee, born in 1991, admitted to links with an IS member in Syria who tasked him with making explosives and concocting poison.

Iran trying to drive wedge between US, Europeans, says UAE

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash is concerned by the public differences between the remaining European signatories to the accord.

Hezbollah defies Israel, says has ‘precision missiles’

Israel carried out more than 200 strikes over the past 18 months in war-torn Syria, where Hezbollah fights alongside Israel's arch-foe and Shiite powerhouse Iran in support of the Damascus regime.

Hezbollah says will stay in Syria until further notice

Russia, the biggest outside backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his fight against rebels, has been preparing for an offensive on the city of Idlib, controlled by rebels.

Israel builds a new wall with Hezbollah in mind

Israel has spent years building barriers to keep out Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip as well as African migrants crossing from Egypt.

Lebanese pop sensation reveals breast cancer battle in music video

The video shows her going under a medical scanner and lying in hospital beds, including footage of her collapsing on stage in February while performing in Dubai.

Syrian air defences confront ‘hostile target’ near Damascus

State news agency SANA suggested Israel was to blame for the incursions.

Palestinian refugees at risk with UN agency in crisis

The UNRWA has faced a cash crisis since the US, long its biggest donor, slashed funding to the agency, providing just US$60 million of a promised $365 million this year.