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Tag: Lee Chong Wei

Yayasan Lee Chong Wei sumbang RM2 juta balas jasa BAM, MSN

Yayasan Lee Chong Wei menyumbang RM1.4 juta kepada BAM dan RM600,000 kepada MSN sebagai persiapan ke Sukan Olimpik Tokyo 2020.

Chong Wei’s star turn as new champion of palm oil

The former badminton champion appeaers in a video, and says millions of Malaysians depend on the palm oil industry.

Ini bukan Malaysia yang saya perjuangkan, kata Chong Wei

Bekas jaguh badminton negara itu kecewa dan sakit hati membaca komen negatif daripada rakan serta peminatnya mengenai isu remeh.

This isn’t the Malaysia I fought for, says Chong Wei

The triple Olympic silver medallist says he is not frequenting social media as often as he used to due to the increasing negative comments.

Lee Chong Wei belum sedia jadi jurulatih skuad kebangsaan

Bekas jaguh negara belum sedia terima tawaran Persatuan Badminton Malaysia.

Athletes’ welfare foundation tells why it’s hard to find new blood

Yakeb general manager Zuhairi Abdul Manaf says sports associations have only limited funds, while coaches who squabble over athletes also hinder their growth.

Three cheers for Chong Wei and former badminton greats

The nation has produced some immensely talented players since the 1940s when badminton really took off here and the least we can do is remember them and their sacrifices.

OCM confirms Chong Wei as chef de mission for Tokyo Olympics

OCM president Mohamad Norza Zakaria says the appointment of Lee Chong Wei is a positive development for him and for the sports world.

Chong Wei’s retirement leaves ‘Super Dan’ ploughing lonely Olympic furrow

The duo reigned over the sport for more than a decade and have only relinquished that hold in recent years as their powers waned.

Lin Dan berkongsi kesedihannya dengan pengunduran Chong Wei

Lin Dan mendedikasi sebuah lagu “Kawan jangan nangis” kepada Chong Wei.

Time for Chong Wei to enjoy his life, says wife Mew...

The former national shuttler says Lee Chong Wei, who announced his retirement today, should get enough rest before deciding on his future plans.

Chong Wei bersara dari dunia badminton

Bekas pemain nombor satu dunia itu disahkan menghidap penyakit kanser hidung sejak tahun lalu.

Badminton ace Chong Wei retires

Former world number one had been expected to retire after his cancer diagnosis.

Malaysia miss Chong Wei in Sudirman Cup opener

The former world number one's absence is a severe blow to Malaysia's hopes of making an impact at the Sudirman Cup.

Chong Wei to miss World Championship after cancer

Lee Chong Wei's absence in the World Championships means he will lose his chance to win the world title for the first time.

Chong Wei bows out of Sudirman Cup in another blow to...

The badminton ace is not registered for any Badminton World Federation tournaments after May, either.

Chong Wei boosted by Super Dan’s words of encouragement

Local media today quoted two-time Olympic gold medallist Lin Dan as saying he would only retire when Chong Wei did so too.

Chong Wei out of Malaysian Open in blow to Olympic hopes

The badminton ace has been given the all-clear from cancer but is advised against putting his body under 'undue stress'.

Chong Wei pulls out of Malaysia Open – BAM

BAM says he is recovering well but given more time to rest

Chong Wei comeback depends on doctor’s visit next week

Badminton ace is showing good form in training but whether he plays in the Malaysia Open or not will depend on his doctor’s assessment next week.

Chong Wei likely to delay his expected return

The former world champion has not fully recovered says the Badminton Association of Malaysia.

Chong Wei delays comeback until April

The Malaysian star underwent treatment in Taiwan but pledged not to retire and resumed training last month.

Badminton’s Lee resumes training after cancer battle

The former long-time world number one was seen to be in "high spirits" with plans to get back to court next week.

Chong Wei resumes training in January

The badminton ace says he has the desire to compete but it will depend on his doctor's advice.