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Tag: Legal Profession Qualifying Board

Bar: We’re already working on revamping Legal Profession Act

Its president George Varughese welcomes call by AG Tommy Thomas to 'quickly' draft a new bill to replace the act.

No more restriction on UEC holders to sit for CLP

Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching lauds decision by LPQB to lift ban, for now.

Why enforce only now 2005 ban on UEC holders taking CLP?

Lawyers from Chinese education background want decision to be reversed.

‘Decision against UEC applies to all CLP candidates’

Malaysian Bar president and current LPQB member George Varughese says it does not matter whether the law student in question is from the peninsula or East Malaysia.

Is Sarawak law group upset over nothing?

Former Malaysian Bar chief says decisions by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board don't apply in East Malaysia.

CLP candidates relieved over AG’s intervention in CLP exam format

The Legal Profession Qualifying Board has announced that it has scraped a last-minute change in the question format for the crucial Criminal Procedure paper.