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Tag: legislation

Indonesian couple fear sex-ban changes will make them criminals

Millions living in unofficial relationships could also face problems.

Queen Elizabeth approves law seeking to block Oct 31 no-deal Brexit

The step, known as Royal Assent, is effectively a rubber-stamp from the monarch for the law which passed through parliament last week.

UK parliament approves law seeking to block no-deal Brexit

The legislation is expected to be signed into law by Queen Elizabeth on Monday.

UK lawmakers opposed to no-deal Brexit to bring forward legislation

Michael Gove refuses to guarantee that the government would abide by any such legislation.

US House targets convergence of mass shootings, hate crimes

A panel will consider several bills that include a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines and 'red flag' legislation.

White House discussing gun legislation, Democrats call it unproductive

Democrats are accusing Donald Trump of reversing course after he initially voiced support for tougher background checks.

US bill aims to protect athletes after Nassar sex-abuse scandal

The bill gives Congress authority to dissolve the board of the US Olympic Committee and decertify national governing bodies if they fail to protect athletes.

France passes law taxing digital giants in defiance of US anger

France becomes the first major economy to pass a legislation today imposing tax on digital giants such as Google and Facebook.

Qualcomm, BMW triumph in EU fight over connected car rules

The victory for car and mobile companies in Europe will pave the way for 5G wireless networks to be installed into future connected cars.

Britain tells China to honour Hong Kong freedoms

Britain calls China to honour its commitments to protect Hong Kong's freedoms in view of a proposed legislation allowing extraditions to the republic.

Police raids on Aussie media fuel calls for journalist protections

'My government is absolutely committed to freedom of the press,' says Prime Minister Scott Morrison to reporters on Thursday.

US senator Rubio targets Huawei over patents

The legislation will not allow Huawei to seek relief after it demanded Verizon Communications pay US$1 billion over patent licensing rights technology.

Mexico City to decriminalise sex work, eyes steps to cut trafficking

Sex work is allowed in much of Mexico but states have different and sometimes unclear rules.

‘This time is real’: Taiwan counts down to Asia’s first same-sex...

The law only allows same-sex marriages only between Taiwanese, or with foreigners whose countries recognise same-sex marriage.

Facebook-streamed violence banned under new Australian law

Australia's law to stop violent content to be streamed on Facebook is considered flawed.

S.Korea spycam crimes put hidden camera industry under scrutiny

Under current regulations, spycam buyers are not required to give personal information, making it difficult to trace ownership and use of the devices.

‘When is it going to stop?’ marital rape victims ask

A Malaysian woman has written a book this month on her experiences and is campaigning for reforms.

Employment Act to be amended to make it uniform for whole...

M Kula Segaran says the ministry hopes amendments to at least three laws will be tabled in Parliament next month.

Warren: Breaking up tech giants will keep market competitive

Elizabeth Warren calls for legislation that would designate large technology companies as 'platform utilities' and for the appointment of regulators.

Brexit date could be pushed back by a ‘couple of extra...

However, a spokeswoman at May's No. 10 Downing Street office says the government's position has not changed.

Government to consider law to protect domestic workers

Deputy minister Mohamed Hanipa Maidin says he will discuss the issue with the women, family and community development ministry.

Don’t be ‘yes men’, dissenting judgments ok, chief justice tells judges

Richard Malanjum says judges should have no qualms about making dissenting judgments as this has its benefits.

French MPs adopt ‘fake news’ bill

The "fake news" bills enable a candidate or political party to seek a court injunction preventing the publication of "false information" during the three months leading up to a national election.

Taiwan to hold referendum on same-sex marriage law

In Asia's first such ruling, the constitutional court declared in May last year that same-sex couples had the right to legally marry, and set a two-year deadline for legalisation.