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Tag: lending

How a shadow banking crisis sent India’s auto sector into a...

A deepening liquidity crunch among India's shadow banks has been the biggest single factor in an auto sales collapse.

One of Asia’s top bank stocks fears risky lending in Thailand

The competition in retail lending is unreasonable and risky with firms offering zero down-payment and low-rate loans.

Forgers are forcing a US$9 trln business into digital age

Forgers have become so adept at faking documents used by banks that going paperless has become a necessity for the industry.

Egyptian tax change could spur banks to step up private lending

This will potentially bring in more foreign investors.

China lends US$1 billion to Pakistan to boost plummeting FX reserves

The latest loan highlights Islamabad's growing dependence on Chinese loans to buffer its foreign currency reserves, which plunged to US$9.66 billion last week from US$16.4 billion in May 2017.