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Tag: Leonardo DiCaprio

Riza, Jho Low and ‘millions spent on DiCaprio’

Suit by Matthias Chang and Husam Musa alleges that Riza, Jho Low, and McFarland knew that Red Granite was not funded by legitimate investors but instead with illicitly obtained money.

DiCaprio, an unwitting party to titanic 1MDB scandal

Oscar-winning actor's Vegas parties with Red Granite founders and Jho Low comes under scrutiny with US DoJ's probe into funds misappropriated from 1MDB.

Show us the money: ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ probe may boost...

"A film like 'Wolf of Wall Street' with DiCaprio and Scorsese is an evergreen property and it could easily make another $100 million in the near future," said Jeff Bock, senior box office analyst at Exhibitor Relations.

DiCaprio visits Indonesian jungle to support environmentalists

DiCaprio said on his Instagram account that his foundation, which supports numerous environmental projects, was backing local groups to establish a "mega-fauna sanctuary" in the area.