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Too slow, rights group tells authorities after prisoner dies of TB

Lawyers for Liberty says Proosothaman Marimuthu was only diagnosed with tuberculosis a few days before his death, and that he was not treated when he first showed signs of the disease.

Kumpulan hak asasi persoal ‘wira kebebasan’ kini dalam kerajaan kerana gagal...

PH sebelum ini berjanji akan memansuhkan atau meminda Sosma dan PAA, selain Akta Hasutan, Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia, Akta Pencegahan Jenayah (Poca) dan Akta Pencegahan Keganasan (Pota).

Mind-boggling, lawyers group says after cops halt probe into custodial death

Lawyers for Liberty says it is 'ridiculous' to conclude that the police report on P Karuna Nithi's death concerns a 'non-seizable offence' as a verdict was made and upheld in court.

Lawyer Aziz wrong on both counts, says human rights society

Hakam says it does not require the consent of the Conference of Rulers to abolish the Sedition Act and that calls for its abolition are not seditious.

Ban support letters for those bidding for contracts, says rights group

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) executive director Latheefa Koya also wants the deputy prime minister to explain if she was aware that her political secretary had issued 'support letters'.

MCA never demanded select committees on BN-era legislation, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty accuses Wee Ka Siong of trying to stall the abolishment of the death penalty.

If you want titles, earn them, lawyers group tells politicians

Lawyers for Liberty says it will render the designations meaningless if politicians or ministers are continuously awarded these titles based on their positions.

Let stateless kids sit for exams they missed, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty’s executive director Latheefa Koya says stateless children previously not allowed to sit their UPSR, SPM exams should be given another chance.

Save Malaysians on death row elsewhere too, says rights group

Lawyers for Liberty says there are hundreds of Malaysians facing execution abroad who also need the government's assistance.

Azis Jamman not fit to be deputy minister, says Surendran

LFL adviser also says Azis should read the Pakatan manifesto after deputy minister claims arrest of Umno leader's brother followed police SOP.

LGBTs not your political punching bag, lawyers group tells Anwar

Lawyers for Liberty says the LGBT community is only asking for equality and justice for all, the same demands made when Anwar Ibrahim was persecuted by his political opponents.

No child can consent to marriage, Latheefa tells Wan Azizah

The PKR lawyer says Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail appears to be drawing 'slapdash conclusions' on the most recent case of underage marriage in Kelantan.

Stop justifying sex with a child, say 2 NGOs

Cenbet and Lawyers for Liberty say indecision on part of government only encourages more child marriages and grooming by paedophiles.

We’re in a polygamous marriage and it’s wonderful, 4 women tell...

The four working women, who look upon it as a religious obligation, say they have more time to pursue their careers or hobbies.

Hospital slammed for not releasing autopsy report on navy cadet

Lawyers for Liberty says Perak Health Department should release post-mortem report if it has nothing to hide.

Public caning for lesbian sex unIslamic, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty says lesbianism or homosexuality as a whole is not considered a crime under hudud.

Najib says PH must apologise for ‘lies’ over stateless Indians

Former PM accuses Pakatan Harapan leaders of lying about 300,000 stateless Indians in the country, when deputy home minister put the figure at 3,853 in the Dewan Negara today.

Blue ICs for 3,400 people won’t solve statelessness, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty says the government must review and restructure the policies, operating procedures and methodologies of the home ministry and NRD in order to tackle the problem.

LFL: Judicial officers made to attend economic talk by Umno man

Lawyers for Liberty questions Lokman Noor Adam's qualifications to give such a lecture, calling the event a breach of the doctrine of separation of powers.

Prove BTN courses weren’t political, LFL tells Chief Registrar

Lawyers for Liberty questions the Chief Registrar's claim that there was nothing political about the mandatory courses for judges held just before GE14.

Gani should be probed too, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty reminds ex-chief justice of the former AG's role in selective prosecutions.

Suhakam to probe inmate’s death at Bentong prison

Inmate's stepfather questions how his stepson could enter prison in healthy condition but fall sick and die within a month.

Rombak Suruhanjaya Pelantikan Kehakiman, gesa kumpulan peguam

Lawyers for Liberty berkata, cara JAC bekerja dan pelantikan pesuruhjaya dalam JAC perlu diubah kerana kebanyakan anggotanya terdiri daripada hakim besar dan kanan.

Aktivis bidas polis atas siasatan hasutan Kadir Jasin

Lawyers for Liberty terkejut polis akan menyiasat bekas editor itu di bawah akta kontroversi yang digunakan kerajaan lama.