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HK court turns down judicial challenge on same-sex marriage

Rights group Amnesty International says case could have huge repercussions on country’s LGBT community.

French MPs approve IVF for lesbians, single women

Move sets stage for street protests next month.

Council of Europe presses Chechnya on alleged gay torture

Russian LGBT rights groups in January this year reported a new wave of purges against gay people.

China parliament rules out allowing same-sex marriage

There has been little sign that the ruling Communist Party will legalise same sex marriage despite growing awareness of LGBT issues.

India’s ‘invisible’ intersex people

The specific needs of India's intersex people are largely ignored because of their small population and misconceptions about their community, according to intersex rights campaigners.

Pride and prejudice: Poland at war over gay rights before vote

Poland remains staunchly Catholic and conservatives are increasingly campaigning against LGBT, or gender 'ideology' which they believe threatens traditional family values.

Murder, ‘gay-hunters’ strike terror in Russia’s LGBT community

A vigilante group seeking to turn violence against LGBT people into a game and encouraging Russians to hunt them down for sport plumbs new lows, campaigners say.

Lebanese church demands cancellation of Mashrou’ Leila show

The group, which has an openly gay vocalist, have stirred controversy in the region with their songs' lyrics tackling oppression, classism, sectarianism and homophobia.

Applying mascara, male bloggers challenge Russia gender norms

Male beauty bloggers are creating waves in Russia through make-up tutorials, breaking down gender stereotypes in a conservative Russia.

Gay DJ pulls out of Singapore TEDx talk over censorship

While the support for gay marriage is growing, a gay radio DJ pulls out from a TEDx talk for being unable to talk freely about his sexuality.

Lady Gaga crashes Stonewall rally in New York

Lady Gaga delights the crowd as she makes a surprise appearance at a rally marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Singapore holds gay pride rally amid calls for repeal of law

While Singaporeans celebrate at the annual gay parade rally, they are also calling for a law banning gay sex to be scrapped.

Who gained in vote against treaty on sexual harassment?

It is the mandate of MTUC and MEF to protect workers regardless of race, gender, immigration status or sexual orientation.

We are free to reject Western influences, says Dr M

The prime minister says freedom includes the freedom to reject practices that are unsuitable for the country.

Artists light up Nepal’s first drag show

Nepal has some of South Asia's most progressive laws on homosexuality and transgender rights.

US proposes national memorial for gay nightclub victims

Giving the site of the shooting recognition as a national memorial will allow it to receive public and private grants and protection form deterioration and vandalism.

2 women injured in UK homophobic attack ‘for refusing to kiss’

Thugs punched and robbed two women in a homophobic assault on a London bus as media reported that they were left covered in blood after refusing their attackers' demands to kiss.

Transgenders find family ‘maaf’ can be in short supply even at...

Rejected by their families, Muslim transgenders celebrate alone together, or hide their ‘shameful’ secret from their in-laws

Transgender sukar temui maaf keluarga hatta pada Hari Raya

Balik kampung merupakan tradisi penting bagi ramai orang. Tidak dibenarkan 'balik kampung' merupakan pengalaman yang menyukarkan.

China signals they won’t follow Taiwan in allowing same-sex marriage

The Chinese government signals that it would not follow Taiwan’s example on same-sex marriage after the first legal unions in Asia were hailed by activists as a social revolution for the region.

Kuan Yew’s grandson marries boyfriend in South Africa

Li is the nephew of Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong and second son of Lee's younger brother Hsien Yang.

Kenya high court upholds law criminalising same-sex unions

Kenya's court upheld its law in criminalising same-sex marriages.

‘This time is real’: Taiwan counts down to Asia’s first same-sex...

The law only allows same-sex marriages only between Taiwanese, or with foreigners whose countries recognise same-sex marriage.

India gender-row sprinter Chand says she is gay

Chand says she has been in a relationship with a woman in her village for four years.