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Artists light up Nepal’s first drag show

Nepal has some of South Asia's most progressive laws on homosexuality and transgender rights.

US proposes national memorial for gay nightclub victims

Giving the site of the shooting recognition as a national memorial will allow it to receive public and private grants and protection form deterioration and vandalism.

2 women injured in UK homophobic attack ‘for refusing to kiss’

Thugs punched and robbed two women in a homophobic assault on a London bus as media reported that they were left covered in blood after refusing their attackers' demands to kiss.

Transgenders find family ‘maaf’ can be in short supply even at...

Rejected by their families, Muslim transgenders celebrate alone together, or hide their ‘shameful’ secret from their in-laws

Transgender sukar temui maaf keluarga hatta pada Hari Raya

Balik kampung merupakan tradisi penting bagi ramai orang. Tidak dibenarkan 'balik kampung' merupakan pengalaman yang menyukarkan.

China signals they won’t follow Taiwan in allowing same-sex marriage

The Chinese government signals that it would not follow Taiwan’s example on same-sex marriage after the first legal unions in Asia were hailed by activists as a social revolution for the region.

Kuan Yew’s grandson marries boyfriend in South Africa

Li is the nephew of Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong and second son of Lee's younger brother Hsien Yang.

Kenya high court upholds law criminalising same-sex unions

Kenya's court upheld its law in criminalising same-sex marriages.

‘This time is real’: Taiwan counts down to Asia’s first same-sex...

The law only allows same-sex marriages only between Taiwanese, or with foreigners whose countries recognise same-sex marriage.

India gender-row sprinter Chand says she is gay

Chand says she has been in a relationship with a woman in her village for four years.

Rugby Australia chief admits Folau regrets but downplays Pacific backlash

Castle is confident Folau's sacking would not cause disunity, characterising the issue as simply a contract breach.

Taiwan’s parliament approves same-sex marriage

Taiwan's parliament will allow LGBT couples to apply a 'marriage registration' as it legalised same-sex marriage today.

Anwar gesa PAS berterus-terang isu ‘kartel dedak’

Anwar Ibrahim berkata masyarakat ingin tahu kerana ia melibatkan dana daripada pihak lain.

Wisma Putra bidas ‘tembakan amaran’ pelakon AS

Timbalan Menteri Marzuki Yahya berkata masyarakat di Malaysia tidak menerima gaya hidup LGBT.

Clooney should be more aware of what he is saying, Wisma...

Deputy Foreign Minister Marzuki Yahya responds to ‘warning shot’ by the award-winning actor saying that Malaysians do not accept the LGBT lifestyle.

George Clooney faces backlash over ‘warning shot’ to Brunei neighbours

Critics and regional LGBT+ activists hit back pointing out that there are major differences between Brunei and its Islamic neighbours.

Record number of attacks on gays in France

The number of assaults jump 66% over 2017, with a spike towards the end of the year when a case a day was being reported to the group.

Indonesian director calls for LGBT+ debate after film ban

Filmmaker Garin Nugroho received death threats over new LGBT-themed film, calls backlash a 'form of oppression'.

Cuban LGBT activists defy government, hold unprecedented indie pride parade

At least three activists were arrested by plainclothes policemen while others were ordered to disperse.

Gay rights support seen growing in Singapore

Young adults in Singapore are generally more upon to gay rights than their older counterparts.

Mujahid nafi benarkan maksiat, perbuatan songsang

Mujahid berkata dia tidak pernah menghalalkan perbuatan yang bertentangan dengan agama.

Conversion therapy a form of violence against LGBTs, says pressure group

The public policy research and advocacy organisation says it produces long-term psychological trauma.

Australia’s Folau fights for career after anti-gay row

Israel Folau is fighting for his career after he uttered insensitive comments towards the LGBT community.

Ahead of LGBT crackdown, fleeing Bruneians fear for friends back home

The LGBT community in Brunei is fearing for their lives and leaving the tiny oil-rich country.