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Liaoning aircraft carrier unlikely to enter Malaysian waters, says RMN

RMN chief Mohd Reza Mohd Sany says the strait between the Malawali Islands in the Philippines and the national waters on Sabah’s east coast is narrow and dicey.

Coal mine blast kills 4 in southern China, another 9 missing

The incident happened at the Zimujia coal mine run by private-owned Pannan Coal Investment in Panzhou city - cause of explosion remains unclear even as rescue works are underway.

Tak perlu bimbang dengan pengangkut pesawat China, kata panglima

Tentera laut akan terus memantau tetapi kapal itu tidak menceroboh perairan Malaysia.

Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning arrives in Hong Kong

The aircraft carrier sailed through the East Lamma Channel, passing by residential buildings located on the south coast of Hong Kong island, and was berthed near the Tsing Yi region.