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Tag: Libra

China says new digital currency will be like Facebook’s Libra

Analysts say China appears to have accelerated the push to digital money after Facebook announced plans in June to launch digital coin Libra.

Telegram secretly plans ‘Gram’ cryptocurrency

Telegram aims to create an accessible service that is easier to use than various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

ECB urges Europe to ignore ‘treacherous promises’ of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency

Depending on the popularity of Libra it could reduce the ECB’s control over the euro, says Yves Mersch.

Facebook’s Libra currency scrutinised by EU

Facebook had previously promised to appease all regulators before launching Libra.

Facebook’s Libra in focus as US group visits Switzerland

US lawmakers seek advice from Swiss counterpart regarding Facebook’s Libra.

Facebook firm in quest to launch Libra cryptocurrency

Expected to launch in the first half of 2020, Libra will be backed by a basket of currency assets to avoid the wild swings of other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin tumbles as US senators grill Facebook on crypto plans

The social media giant is fighting to get Washington onside after it shocked regulators and lawmakers with its announcement to potentially launch Libra in 2020.

US Senate to grill Facebook over plans for Libra cryptocurrency

Facebook is fighting a rear-guard action to get Washington onside after the announcement that the company plans to launch Libra in 2020.

Trump blasts tech firms, cryptocurrencies at ‘free speech’ summit

Trump lambasts cryptocurrencies and demands companies to seek a banking charter and make themselves subject to US and global regulations.

Powell does not veer from signal that rate cuts are coming

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell indicates again that an interest rate cut from the US central bank is likely at its next meeting.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency plan draws ECB warning on regulation

Facebook's Libra has policymakers scrambling to come up with regulation for digital currency before it is allowed to develop further.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency plan drawing criticism from Washington

Facebook's digital currency Libra faces another obstacle in Washington, this time in the form of Democrat-influenced groups demanding a halt to the project.

Facebook’s crypto association holds talks with major banks

The biggest US banks have a chance to get in on the new cryptocurrency spearheaded by Facebook Inc.

Facebook’s Libra runs into instant political opposition in Europe

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire wants the Group of Seven central bank governors to prepare a report on Facebook’s project.

Facebook takes on the world of cryptocurrency

Libra is a new initiative in payments for Facebook with the potential to bring crypto-money out of the shadows and into the mainstream.