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Tag: Lifestyle

Taboo-breaking TV soap on sex and women has Senegal in a...

In conservative Senegal, where even an on-screen kiss is rare, the self-described monitors of public morality are in uproar.

Poverty, not recognition, is why students join gangs, say experts

They say poor students think their involvement in gangs will lead them to a lavish lifestyle later on.

Descend, Eat, Marvel: Europe’s first underwater restaurant

The restaurant serves up Poseidon's delicacies in an architectural showpiece that stretches down five metres underwater, offering a unique closeup of ocean life.

Uber loses US$1 billion in quarter as costs grow for drivers, food...

Revenue of US$3.1 billion matches the high end of the range Uber forecast for the quarter and the loss of US$1 billion compared with the company's forecast of US$1 billion to US$1.11 billion.

Choir helps Rio’s homeless sing a different tune

The choir was originally set up for the Rio Olympics but has kept going by the city’s government.

Mobile barber cuts a dash with Afro-Caribbean Londoners

Appointments are book via a mobile phone app, summoning a van to where the client is.

Lifestyle guru Marie Kondo to release new children’s book

The Japanese organisation guru revealed on social media that the picture book is 'a timeless story about friendship.'

Jamie Oliver: TV star and man on a mission

Oliver grew up with dyslexia and did poorly in school, that drove him to find his passion and prove himself at work.

The deadly odds of pigeon racing in the Philippines

Only one in 10 pigeons will finish the MacArthur competition making it one of the deadliest races on the planet.

From mother to daughter, Tunisia potters pass on ancestral know-how

The women of Sejnane make and decorate their artisan pottery with natural elements from the agricultural region.

Want Alpine thrills? Try competitive paper plane flying

The winner of each category will take home a world title in a showdown which had its own qualifying tournament spread across 58 countries.

Tired to trendy: architects give Russian provinces urban makeover

The idea of creating pleasant public spaces might not seem groundbreaking but it is only just taking root in Soviet-planned cities like Belgorod.

Uber hit with Australia class action ahead of stock listing

Aussie cabbies are alleging Uber gained an unfair advantage and destroyed their livelihoods by knowingly operating above the law.

Hulu reports growing user base, new shows, with Disney in control

Hulu says their user base has grown on the back of new partnerships and new series launches.

What is the ‘nappuccino’ trend and how could it boost your...

Drinking coffee before taking a 20-minute nap will leave you feeling more awake afterwards than just coffee or a nap alone.

Stolen Picasso unearthed by ‘Indiana Jones of art’

It was yet another success for Brand, who hit the headlines last year for returning a stolen 1,600-year-old mosaic to Cyprus.

Fashion’s new stars want to save the world

Fashion has turned more eco-friendly as designers are now opting for upcycled and repurposed materials.

Oscars night is here! Hollywood ready for glitzy gala

The 7,900-odd voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have bold choices in front of them.

Could electric bikes be even better for seniors’ health than regular...

The findings showed that all cyclists benefited from a boost to cognitive function and mental health, regardless of which bike they used.

Guitarist Peter Frampton reveals degenerative muscle disease

The artist said he has been feverishly making music since his diagnosis with the incurable condition inclusion body myositis.

Singer R. Kelly, facing sex abuse charges, gets US$1 million bail

Kelly needs to put up only a tenth that amount, or US$100,000, to be let out of jail.

Stanley Donen, famed director of ‘Singin’ in the Rain,’ dies at...

Donen, whose films were known as witty, stylish and energetic, worked with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, from Audrey Hepburn to Fred Astaire.

Top #MeToo advocate quits after her son is accused of assault

Chief Executive Officer of Time's Up, Lisa Borders left the organisation because her son was accused of sexual misconduct.

The eight contenders for the best picture Oscar

Here is a brief summary of the eight films vying for the most prestigious prize at Sunday's Oscars ceremony.