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Tag: Lifestyle

TikTok turns its back on political ads

The nature of paid political ads is not something that fits the TikTok experience.

Facebook increases pressure on Snapchat with ‘Threads’ app

Threads app is the fastest way to share a photo or video with user's close friends on Instagram.

Designer slams fashion mogul’s criticism of Greta Thunberg

Bernard Arnault is strongly against the Swedish child activist’s ‘extremely negative’ stance.

Experience the best of Sarawak in What About Kuching this October

Throughout October, What About Kuching will be turning the city into a hub of cultural activity.

London Fashion Week opens under Brexit cloud

A survey by the Fashion Roundtable consultancy found 96% of British fashion sector professionals backed Britain staying in the European Union.

Princess Diana, sustainability inspire New York Fashion Week

American designer Tory Burch is inspired by the personality of Princess Diana rather than her wardrobe.

3 women cook up a vegan storm

kawkawveg is a vegan food delivery start-up that aims to make people care not just for their health but also for animals and the environment.

Defying gravity in Norway’s ‘death diving’

'Death diving' originally started as a past time to impress girls.

Can global matcha craze save Japan’s tea industry?

Traditional Japanese tea suffers from an image problem, where the younger generation sees it as something only someone over-60 would drink.

Room with a view: Mecca hotels offer VIP hajj experience

Room rates are more than US$1,000 per night in the high season.

7 tips to balance your health account

Treat your health as you would your wealth. It is far more precious.

As iPhone sales sputter, Apple moves toward reinvention, again

Apple looking to pivot away from depending on the iPhone to generate revenue.

Philippine ride-hailing firm ‘sorry’ for likening service to sex

The company apologises for the tweet saying sex should not be used lightly for the sake of some buzz.

Google builds gesture controls into new Pixel phone

The Pixel 4 is expected to make its debut in October.

Bulgarian singer hits high with record-breaking vocals

Zaharieva burst into tears when she received the official Guinness world record certificate.

YouTube needs ‘new set of rules and laws’ says executive

Rising public pressure on YouTube and other social media platforms has prodded them to try and limit the negative aspects.

Polluted, bike-hostile Brussels to slam on the brakes

Brussels is following in the footsteps of Berlin and Madrid in decreasing the speed limit and encouraging two-wheel transport.

Haute couture turns back on fur, both real and fake

Fur was noticeably absent from the Paris haute couture show which ended on Wednesday.

Witches were first feminists, says Paris haute couture star

Inspired by witches, who he deems are the first feminists, Julien Fournie calls his collection 'First Spell'.

Mexicans hail Paris designer amid cultural appropriation row

Maurizio Galante works with Mexican groups and officials in his process from the start to respect the culture of the people.

From Rio to Rome, a battle for selfie supremacy

For the average tourist, a selfie is a way to make memories.

Bum move: Kardashian ‘kimono’ shapewear sparks Japan debate

The kimono is now often reserved for special occasions, such as weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies.

Gates: Microsoft missed mobile dominance by ‘tiny’ margin

Gates says Microsoft’s failure in mobile is his biggest mistake while at the helm of the company.

Fashion world shaken by cultural appropriation claims

Designers at Paris fashion week give their thoughts on the Mexican government’s claims against the Carolina Herrera fashion label.