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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tag: Lim Gaik Siang

Will road project affect Penang’s famous Padang Brown, asks group

An activist says the planned interchange of a bypass road near the famous field is worrying.

Most Penangites have no clue about massive highway project, says NGO

Feedback from explainers held over the past two months reveals most are surprised that a highway project is taking place in their backyards, says Penang Forum.

‘Bad vibes’ from Penang highway construction can drive out factories, says...

High-value, precision factories might relocate as a result of a proposed highway, part of the transport master plan for Penang, passing through the Bayan Lepas industrial area, says NGO leader.

PIL1, PTMP bakal ubah landskap PP, ancam kota warisan, kata Penang...

Penang Forum menggesa kerajaan negeri menyemak semula kedua-dua projek mega itu yang disifatkan tidak berdaya maju dan mendatangkan risiko kepada alam sekitar dan penduduk.

Activist tells tale of ‘sleepless nights’ to Penang CM over highway...

Penang CM says detailed explanation on 'dangerous' granite fault lines issue would be given in next few days.