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Lim Kok Wing’s U-turn doesn’t surprise Dr M

The prime minister says there are many who find it convenient to support those in power.

Dr M maafkan Lim Kok Wing, kata ramai orang sokong selepas...

Perdana menteri ditanye mengenai ahli perniagaan terkenal, Lim Kok Wing yang dibidas anak perempuannya.

Marina roasts Lim Kok Wing over his tweet in support of...

The vocal activist reminds Lim that he was the one who asked her father to shut up 'to protect his legacy' during BN's rule.

‘Why Najib? Can’t a female lead Women’s Advisory Council?’

DAP MP Kasthuri Patto wonders why both the chairman and his deputy of this body are men.

BN confident of winning cyberwarfare against Opposition

Ruling coalition ready to battle with Opposition on social media, says BN Strategic Communications director.