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US athletics legend Lewis criticises Trump’s policies

'We have a president who is racist and a misogynist, who doesn’t value anybody but himself,' said Lewis, who was asked to weigh in on the issue of gender equality in sport.

So much money being spent on how to kill people, says...

The PM also laments the glorification of fighter planes at LIMA, instead of light aircraft.

BN bersama Dr M jika kedudukan PM tergugat, kata Hishammuddin

Ini untuk pastikan Dr Mahathir dapat jalankan tugas sebagai perdana menteri.

At least 20 dead in Peru bus fire

It was one of the worst-ever public transport fires in Lima.

At Lima ’19, a US Air Force behemoth draws the crowds

The United States Air Force's Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, which can be seen in Hollywood movies, can transport anything from military assets, cargo to hundreds of people.

BN cause of delay in announcing LTAT dividend, claims Mat Sabu

He says many accounts do not reflect the actual position as a result of the previous government’s poor administration.

MAHB launches RM5 mil promotional fund for Langkawi

Malaysia's main airport operator lauded for initiative to raise Langkawi's profile on global stage.

Pesawat lama masih boleh beraksi, kata Dr M

Perdana menteri berkata pesawat-pesawat lama tentera udara Malaysia diselenggara dengan baik.

Dr M rasmi pameran LIMA sekali lagi, selepas 28 tahun

Perdana menteri menyentuh pencapaian lampau dan rancangan masa depan untuk Kementerian Pertahanan serta industri aeroangkasa.

After 28 years, Dr M officiates LIMA once more

The prime minister speaks about past achievements and future plans for the defence ministry and aerospace industry.

India’s own Tejas light fighter jet on show at Lima

Two of the light combat aircraft will put on aerobatic displays while a navy corvette is also coming for the defence show

30% jump in international passengers at Langkawi airport, as island braces...

Malaysia Airports attributes this to major expansion work on the airport last year, all in time for the coming LIMA aerospace show.

KBS mahu Le Tour de Langkawi kembali gemilang

Acara sukan berbasikal bertaraf antarabangsa itu akan berlansung pada tahun ini bersama-sama dengan penganjuran LIMA 19.

Peruvian ex-president says return to prison would be ‘death sentence’

The ex-ruler is revered and despised in equal measure in Peru. Admirers laud him for dragging the country's economy into the modern era and defeating the Shining Path guerrilla movement.

Rare “bamboo rat” photographed at Machu Picchu

A bamboo rat (Dactylomis peruanus) was spotted by guards among bamboo trees at the citadel, which is surrounded by a protected area, said the National Service of Natural Protected Areas.

Chile, Peru to host South American club finals in 2019

The finals of the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana will be held in Santiago and Lima respectively.

Dr M: Taman tema dapat tarik pelancong berterusan ke Langkawi

Dr Mahathir berkata, Langkawi masih mempunyai keluasan tanah mencukupi untuk digunakan bagi memulakan projek seumpama itu dan beberapa syarikat Malaysia sudah menunjukkan keupayaan melaksanakannya.

US VP drops summit banquet, abruptly goes to hotel in Peru

The United States, France and Britain have been moving warships and aircrafts close to Syria in recent days, fuelling speculation that military action could be imminent.

US calls for more sanctions on Venezuela ahead of LatAm summit

Pence has urged the extra measures after meeting with Venezuelan opposition figures in Lima who called for more sanctions and "intervention" in Venezuela.

Peru’s ex-president Fujimori released after controversial pardon

The 70-year old was pardoned after his son abstained from voting on President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's impeachment.

Peru bus plunge kills 48

The bus plunged 100 meters and landed upside down on rocks at the edge of the sea after a collision with a truck along a stretch known as the 'devil's curve'.

Defence gets RM26 billion to repel regional threats

Prime Minister says the defence forces are modernising and new equipment is needed to face various new threats.

Malaysia to focus on defence spending

Prime minister stresses the importance of a country's defence and security.

Official: Room rates soar in Langkawi due to ‘brokers’

Langkawi Tourism Association chief blames brokers for block booking large numbers of hotel rooms and preventing registered tour agents from getting better price.