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Tag: lion dance

Underwater lion dance in Malaysia before Lunar New Year

Lion dances are traditionally performed in China and among ethnic Chinese communities all over the world to mark the Lunar New Year.

Did you catch the lion dance… at the mosque?

Religious leader invites lion dance troupe for son's wedding at mosque grounds.

Weeding out fake news

Fake news reporting amplifies the various conflicts already present in our society.

Lion dance troupe leader: We don’t dance to political tune

He says his troupe's performance at the Gerakan Chinese New Year open house was misinterpreted by certain quarters, adding negative comments were uncalled for.

Kohilan: Opposition ‘spin’ of lion dance video childish

Gerakan vice-president says opposition failed to see lion dance performance as apolitical thus causing great offence to PM and Chinese community.

Muara Tebas Malay boys’ lion dance troupe thrills folks

The troupe members, who have no formal training, learnt the art by watching lion dance performances at the Chin San Yan Temple.