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Tag: Literature

Tomorrow’s leaders need to know literature, says laureate

Siti Zainon says they must know what literature is all about and be more aware of its beauty, moral truth and excellence.

Siti Zainon Ismail named national laureate

Siti Zainon Ismail has had an impact on the development of national literature, says education minister.

How visions of the Moon inspired centuries of storytellers

The Moon continues to capture the imagination of storytellers, as it has for centuries.

‘Confederates in the Attic’ author Tony Horwitz dead at 60

Horwitz’s publisher, Penguin Press, said Horwitz had died of an apparent heart attack.

Mere writers not Sasterawan Negara material, says Pak Samad

The national laureate also welcomes news that a non-Malay is among those shortlisted for the award.

I have yet to receive my ‘prison’ books, Anwar jokes upon...

The PKR president says he accepted the invitation to attend the 33rd Sastera Kumpulan Utusan prize presentation ceremony with an open heart.

Revered Israeli writer Amos Oz dies at 79

Oz is known as one of the earliest and most forceful critics of Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands captured in the Six-Day War of 1967.

‘Good men do bad things’: Cheryl Strayed on healing, truth and...

Strayed says storytelling has been her strongest weapon in the fight for gender equality.

Swedish court finds man at centre of Nobel prize scandal guilty...

The crisis over the charges against Jean-Claude Arnault prompted some members of the Swedish Academy to quit and forced it to cancel this year's literature prize.

Five things to know about the Nobel Literature Prize

Here are five things to know about the Nobel Literature Prize.

No Nobel Literature Prize as Academy’s bell tolls

The institution again found itself in controversy, this time in the eye of the #MeToo hurricane.

Japan’s Murakami withdraws from consideration for alternative Nobel award

Murakami grateful for nomination, but says he wants to 'concentrate on writing, away from media attention'.

Nobel-winning writer V S Naipaul dies aged 85

Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul wrote more than 30 books and won the Nobel Literature Prize in 2001.

The genius of Bob Dylan

The 77-year-old Nobel Laureate was in fine form, singing mostly from behind a black grand piano and switching later to his trademark harmonica.

Murakami delights fans with radio show debut

The writer, who spends much of his time in the United States, has a cult following for his sometimes surreal works peppered with references to pop culture, which have been translated into some 40 languages.

Holiday reads: Beachgoers check out French seaside libraries

Lulled by the gentle cries of seagulls in the distance, flocks of readers have been heading to the book-filled beach huts that authorities have opened along the coast of Normandy in northern France and elsewhere.

Russian writer Vladimir Voinovich dies aged 86

The novelist, who spent a decade exiled by the Soviet authorities, was best known for his series of satirical novels about a hapless Soviet soldier called Ivan Chonkin.

Swedish intellectuals form new literature prize in Nobel protest

Swedish intellectuals have joined forces to form a new prize-giving body in protest after the Swedish Academy was plunged into crisis over its long-standing ties to a man accused of assaulting several women.

Not read a book lately? Blame Netflix, says study

The appeal of Netflix has caused overall book readership to decline.

Hidden pages in Anne Frank’s diary: corny jokes and sex ed

Anne Frank once taped over two pages in her diary with brown sticky paper, leaving a small puzzle as to what material the Jewish teenager, who had no idea of how famous her diary would later become, wanted to exclude.

2018 Nobel Literature Prize’s fate to be announced Friday

The Swedish Academy is to announce on Friday whether or not it may postpone the 2018 Nobel Literature Prize, its administrative director has said, after it plunged into a crisis over links to a man accused of sexual assault.

Sweden probes economic crime linked to Nobel literature academy

The economic crime is the second scandal to have befallen the Swedish Academy in the last week, after Jean-Claude Arnault was accused of sexual assault.

Novelist Ibrahim Nasrallah wins top Arab prize

Nasrallah was awarded the International Prize for Arab Fiction for his novel "The Second War of the Dog".

Independent publishers vie for Man Booker International Prize

Every nominee for the Man Booker International Prize was published by an independent publisher.