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Tag: Liver

Researchers explore new way of killing malaria in the liver

International researchers says they are exploring a pathway that has until now been little studied -- killing parasites in the liver, before the illness emerges.

Alagille Syndrome: A rare liver condition in infants and kids

Symptoms include jaundice, paleness, loose stools, and developmental delays in the first three months of life.

The link between alcohol consumption and cancer

Acetaldehyde, a product of alcohol metabolism is more toxic than alcohol itself and is a known human carcinogen that can harm a person's DNA and proteins.

International Coffee Day 2018: how your daily caffeine fix might also...

Here are some recent findings suggesting that coffee may also bring a variety of health benefits.

Kiwi cricket legend Hadlee faces more cancer surgery

Richard Hadlee will undergo a second round of surgery after cancer spread to his liver.

Surprising ways alcohol may be good for your health

From weight loss to boosting your confidence levels, alcohol consumed in the right proportion can do wonders for your health as well.

EFSA warns about green tea supplements

However, the EFSA deems tea infusions to be safe.

Well-done red meat linked to liver disease, diabetes risk factor

Regular consumption of well-done red meat increases the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by 47%.

‘Medical team at Selayang Hospital saved my life’

This reader relates how a team of doctors and nurses worked tirelessly for three years to save his liver after he was involved in a horrid road accident.

All-natural herbal supplements not risk-free

A liver specialist warns that all-natural herbal supplements can have adverse health effects if not ingested properly.