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Sad farewell as Malaysia-born panda heads to China

Two-year-old Nuan Nuan was born in Malaysia's national zoo in 2015, a year after her parents arrived in the country on a 10-year loan from China.

Minister denies Sabah oil and gas blocks collateralised for China loan

Abdul Rahman Dahlan says the project will be funded by a soft loan of RM4.53 billion from Exim Bank of China, which will be guaranteed by the federal government.

All eyes on public gallery as Najib introduces ‘Kak Wan’

PM's comments on entrepreneur Wan Azizah facing many challenges in her life while tabling Budget 2018 causes MPs to burst into laughter.

Banks not responsible for commercial space glut, says ABM

Association of Banks in Malaysia says banks are only one part of the ‘ecosystem’ responsible for the creation of properties and not the only parties that provide financing.

Liow raps Penang for ‘double talk’

The MCA president says opposition rapped BN government as selling off the country when it accepted investments from China but when Penang gets loan from China it is considered okay.

Use revenue from land sales, Umno tells Guan Eng

Penang Umno queries need to borrow from Chinese bank when Penang has surplus budget and reserves of RM1.2 billion.

CM defends plans to borrow from China for Penang projects

Lim Guan Eng says he is confident of repaying the loan as not much can be borrowed when the repayment term is restricted to five years.

Penang passes law for state to take loans from banks

Chief minister says it is primarily to allow the state government to borrow money from the Export-Import Bank of China (Exim Bank of China) to finance the Penang Transport Master Plan.

Ku Nan wants DBKL to help staff restructure their loans

FT Minister Tengku Adnan says civil servants in general have more debts than they should.

‘Why do you need a loan when you made RM1.7b?’

Parti Cinta Malaysia questions the need for the Penang Development Corporation obtaining a hefty loan from the state government to purchase land.

Guan Eng grilled over loan to state agency

Opposition lawmaker wants state Public Accounts Committee to take a look at a loan offered to Penang Development Corporation by the state government.

‘Dr M, you are helping to destroy M’sia’s economy’

Minister Rahman Dahlan counters all allegations made by Mahathir, from the East Coast Rail Link issue to 1MDB.

Loan scam: Bogus ‘Datuk Seri’, company director detained

The suspects have been targeting businessmen facing financial problems by persuading them to take loans while charging them a hefty "processing fee."

Govt bank trying to auction paralysed man’s house

Balan Perumal, who was paralysed in a workplace accident, claims his home is being sold under auction by Bank Simpanan Nasional without any notice.

Fomca: Rethink plan allowing developers to give loans

“Some housing developers cannot even complete projects and now we want to allow them to give loans?” asks Fomca CEO Paul Selvaraj.

SRC regularly servicing KWAP loan

KWAP CEO says it can't control how SRC uses the money and that its primary concern is that the loan is properly serviced.

Poser over RM1.5 billion loan for Proton

Singapore financial publication reports that DRB-Hicom, which owns Proton apparently requested a RM1.5 billion loan to assist with new model development.

Swak’s RM2.5b debt mostly for rural development

Water supply projects account for bulk of loans from Putrajaya as more resources needed due to Sarawak's vast size and scattered rural communities.

Sarawak berhutang RM2.5b sebab bangunkan luar bandar

Menteri Kewangan Kedua Sarawak, Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh berkata hutang negeri dengan Putrajaya mampu diuruskan.

Better to reform PTPTN than blacklist defaulters

Implementing a CCRIS blacklist will do more harm than good.

PTPPN defaulters denying others rights to loan

According to PTPTN chairman Shamsul Annuar Nasarah there are 400,000 errant borrowers.

Archived: Students threaten to protest over freeze

PTPTN's decision to freeze loans for Unisel students has left a student's group livid. SSM also takes the DPM to task for endorsing the move.

Archived: Pakatan to step up campaign to expose BN’s 3Ds

The DAP has formed a team to uncover the 3Ds – deficit, debt and deceit – of the federal government.

Khairy: NFC condo bought as investment

NLMC decided to invest in One Menerung as it had an unused allocation of RM81.2 million in its account, says Umno Youth Chief.