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Tag: local elections

Erdogan’s party fights to retake Istanbul in mayoral re-run vote

Analysts warn Erdogan is in a 'lose-lose' situation on Sunday since a victory would leave him open to opposition claims that he stole the election.

Lead the way in restoring local council elections, Bersih tells Sabah

The election watchdog says polls for village leaders and local councils will make them more accountable and pressure them to provide good service.

Main UK parties take Brexit battering in local elections

The results do not bode well for the Conservatives and Labour party ahead of the European Parliament elections, set to take place in Britain later this month.

Even countries torn apart by racial strife have local elections, govt...

Kuasa urges government leaders to stop giving excuses to strengthen democracy at the local level.

Maria appeals to PAS to back calls for local elections

The Petaling Jaya MP says the current method is breeding little Napoleons.

We won’t fight fire with fire, says defence ministry of dispute...

Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong says the ministry will not contribute to a verbal war and that it wants to de-escalate tensions.

I don’t know how much local elections cost, admits Zuraida

The housing and local government minister says her ministry is still reviewing the cost after earlier saying it is too costly to hold local elections now.

Cost no reason to delay local council elections, Zuraida told

Bersih and ENGAGE say efforts to implement local elections must start immediately while Johor DAP veteran Dr Boo Cheng Hau says not holding elections goes against democratic conventions.

MPs will have a say in DBKL’s affairs, says Khalid

New minister for Federal Territories says involving MPs in decision-making will be a step towards election of Kuala Lumpur mayor.

Gambians vote in first local elections since Jammeh

Most of the constituencies are expected to be won by the APRC, the party of now-departed former president Yahya Jammeh.

Bersih wants RCIs on local elections, EC reform in manifestos

It says this would show commitment by any party or coalition to ensure electoral reform after GE14.

People not ready for local elections, says Dr Mahathir

Former prime minister not in favour of local government elections as he claims it could be detrimental to race relations.