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Zuraida says she will help Lynas find suitable site for waste...

She says the Cabinet decision to renew the rare earths plant's licence must be respected.

Don’t hide location of new dam, SAPP tells Sabah govt

SAPP is concerned that the government made crucial decisions at the Cabinet level without consulting the relevant departments and ministries.

How to price your property right

There’s no need to be worried about a buyer’s market if you price your property right.

Report: Amazon reconsidering move to New York

The report comes after the appointment of an Amazon critic to an oversight board with the potential to veto the deal for one of two locations selected by Amazon for its "HQ2."

Cheaper properties: So, should I wait till March?

If you've found a place you like in a mature neighbourhood that is priced 10% below the going rate, it’s best to buy now rather than wait till March.

The cost of studying in the UK: Part 2

Choosing a university outside London will cost you less as will shopping with a student card and buying groceries from a hypermarket.

Five major fashion houses switching locations this Fashion Month

With Dior and Chanel showing in Paris, Fendi and Prada in Milan, and Burberry in London, some fashion houses have no intention of taking their September shows to new locations

Reminder: Your smartphone is likely tracking your location

Most apps now use location tracking, and not just for obvious purposes like maps and transport.

Wes Anderson eyes France for next film location

Iconic director Wes Anderson has reportedly chosen France as the filming location for his next big screen project.

Sunken Indonesia ferry may have been located: officials

Sonar equipment detected an object -- measuring 20 metres by five metres -- that might be the overloaded boat which capsized and sank a week ago on Lake Toba, a picturesque tourist destination in Sumatra.

Indonesia identifies suspected location of sunken ferry

The hydrographic survey "identified" the ferry 450 metres (1,476 feet) deep in the water, not far from where it sank on Monday, said Nanang Henky Suharto, an executive director at PT Mahakarya Geo Survey, a firm involved in the search.

20 years on, Kazakhs struggle to warm to chilly new capital

Despite a pantheon of lavish, futuristic architecture, many people who were forced to move to Astana for work or family reasons find the city an uncomfortable fit.

At last, new home for PAWS animal shelter

Now, the animal welfare society need not fear being evicted.

Point Nemo, Earth’s watery graveyard for spacecraft

One place China's Earth-bound and out-of-control spacelab, Tiangong-1, will probably not hit on Sunday is the forlorn spot in the southern Pacific Ocean where it was supposed to crash.

Peter Chong: Police didn’t tell Thai counterparts I was missing

Former Petaling Jaya municipal councillor says he agreed to meet a man in Thailand to get information on the missing pastor Koh after exchanging messages on WhatsApp.

Cops: Perkasa may be relevant in pastor’s abduction case

However, the Malay rights pressure group has not been investigated.

Nurul Izzah: Countdown for Anwar’s release starts now

PH leaders, along with 150 supporters, march to Dataran Merdeka to mark the opposition leader’s 1,000 days in prison.

Pastor Koh inquiry panel visits abduction site

Panellists try to gain a better understanding of the positions of vehicles used in the alleged abduction, and angles at which witnesses and CCTV cameras viewed the incident.

Malaysia to discuss MH370 report with China, Australia

Director-general of the Department of Civil Aviation Azharuddin Abdul Rahman says authorities are awaiting guidance on how the report can assist them in identifying the plane's location.