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Tag: London

Climate-change protesters disrupt London rush hour

Angry commuters drag protesters off top of train and attack them on platform.

Painting fetches £1.1 mil at Sotheby’s, thanks to Google search

Art piece price is over 7 times the pre-auction estimate.

Climate change activists vow ‘day of disruption’ at London’s Bank junction

Extinction Rebellion target financial district to protest starvation and social collapse.

London’s Ritz could be up for sale for US$1bil

Owners received several unsolicited offers for the famous establishment.

Uber to launch UK driver loyalty scheme amid licence battle

Uber wants to do more to help drivers and their families build towards their future with the loyalty programme.

London grants Uber ‘two months only’ licence

Permission comes with new conditions to ensure passenger safety.

Muzium Vagina beri pendedahan penjagaan dan jangkitan perlu diambil tahu

Muzium Vagina yang bakal dibuka di London November ini khas buat wanita untuk ketahui cara penjagaan dan jenis penyakit yang boleh dihidapi.

London overtakes India’s Mumbai in Rupee trading

Rupee trading in United Kingdom soared to US$46.8 billion in April. 

London police and Facebook move to stop live streaming of terror...

Facebook is trying to develop technology to identify firearms attack in early stage.

2 arrested in transfer fraud raids in Belgium, Monaco, London

A source confirms the agent arrested is Belgian Christophe Henrotay.

Rise of populists in Europe resembles eve of WW2, warns London...

Sadiq Khan compares the tactics leaders of today use with that of those employed prior to World War II.

HK activists, Beijing supporters demonstrate in London

More than 1,000 people took part in the opposing demonstrations.

Selamat hari lahir pertama Ainul Mardhiah!

Ainul Mardhiah meraikan harijadinya yang pertama di wad hospital dalam keadaan ceria.

6-year-old boy critical after being thrown off London’s Tate Modern

The boy was reportedly thrown from the 10th-floor viewing platform of the attraction in central London and was found on a fifth-floor roof, police say.

London teen goes missing in Seremban

The parents of Nora Quoirin, 15, who has learning difficulties, said the window of her hotel room was open.

Uber expecting another short-term London license

The company has little chance of securing a longer-term five-year agreement for London, after its current permit to operate ends towards end-September.

Baby Ainul Mardhiah returns from London, taken to HKL

'Germ cell tumour' baby doing fine, says dad after 12-hour flight.

London: Penunjuk perasaan tuntut pilihan raya umum, tolak pelantikan Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson dipilih sebagai perdana menteri England pada Selasa selepas menerima 92,153 undi anggota parti Konservatif.

London to open a whisky hotel

Black Rock has announced plans to expand its basement bar into a four-story property

5 facts about the Wimbledon men’s final

Some five interesting facts detail the men's singles finals today between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic at the 2019 Wimbledon.

UK police identify suspect behind leaked envoy memos

Suggestions that the leak could be the result of a computer hack by a foreign state are ruled out.

England draw first blood in World Cup semis against Australia

England hopes to reach their first semi-final since 1992 at the Cricket World Cup.

New Zealand qualify for Cricket World Cup semi-finals

Pakistan will not be able to compete in the Cricket World Cup semi-finals as New Zealand beats them to it.

UK house prices stuck in a Brexit rut

Uncertainties over the Brexit deal has resulted in only a 0.5% increase on Britain's home properties in comparison to 2% last year.