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Trump in new Twitter attack on London’s mayor

US President Donald Trump launches a fresh attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, backing a right-wing British columnist who once called migrants 'cockroaches.'

Dr M mungkin satu-satu pemimpin dunia berucap pada forum Oxford, Cambridge,...

Perdana menteri akan menyampaikan ucapan bertajuk 'Demokrasi di Malaysia dan Asia Tenggara' di Universiti Cambridge petang ini.

US super rich are descending on London’s luxury housing market

American buyers are second only to those from China on the list of biggest overseas purchasers of real estate in London's prime postcodes.

Infant with 200gm tumour undergoes successful op in London 

Ainul Mardhiah Ahmad Safiuddin's tumour was removed by a team that included Malaysian Dr Nur Amalina Che Bakri. 

Trump promises UK a ‘phenomenal’ post-Brexit trade deal, solution to Huawei...

President Donald Trump says he will work out any differences with London on China Huawei's role in 5G network building.

‘Trump baby’ balloon to fly outside British parliament as big protests...

A giant inflatable blimp depicting Donald Trump as a pouting baby in a diaper will fly outside the British parliament in London ahead of what is expected to be one of the city's largest protests against a foreign leader.

Trump brings Brexit advice on state visit to troubled UK

Britain rolls out the red carpet for US President Donald Trump as he arrives in Britain for a state visit already overshadowed by his outspoken remarks on Brexit.

Gardens of the future spring up at Chelsea Flower Show

Gardens of the future are being unveiled in London, where green-fingered designers have imagined innovative solutions to help combat climate change.

Milkshakes become weapon of choice in UK European campaign

Former UKIP leader has became the latest political figure to be doused with the sticky concoction while campaigning for his new Brexit Party.

UK warns over online trading scams

Reported cases of the bogus online investment has surged to more than 1,800 in 2018/2019.

London luxury home prices hit by longest slump in decades

The sale prices of top-end homes in the British capital have been falling for nearly four years.

Masjid di London ditutup selepas lelaki lepaskan tembakan

Polis Metropolitan mengesahkan perkara itu dan beberapa anggota polis ditempatkan di sekitar kawasan Masjid Seven Kings di Ilford, timur laut London.

London mosque on lockdown after shots fired

Gunshots were heard after the man left the mosque following a confrontation.

London climate protests move to Stock Exchange

It is the latest stunt by the group which just declared the end of an 11-day campaign of disruption across London.

London climate protests to end after 11 days of gridlock

More than 1,000 demonstrators blocked five high profile locations in central London, including Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and Parliament Square.

Barnes saves Leicester with injury-time strike at West Ham

Jamie Vardy and Harvey Barnes saved Leicester City at today's Premier League.

London climate protest arrests top 700

Some 700 Extinction Rebellion environmental protestors have been arrested while 28 have been charged in connection with the protests.

More than 300 arrested at London climate protests

The majority arrested were seized for breaching public order laws and obstructing a highway.

100 arrested at London climate protests

The group wants to governments to declare a climate and ecological emergency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025.

MPs urge UK to cooperate with Sweden in Assange case

The MPs and peers say it is a grave concern that the Swedish authorities did not appear to have prior warning of the arrest, unlike the US authorities.

‘The Tulip’ bakal menjadi kebanggaan London pada 2025

The Tulip akan menjadi bangunan kedua tertinggi di Eropah Barat selepas The Shard iaitu setinggi 310m

Assange will not be extradited to country with death penalty: Ecuador...

The British government confirmed to President Lenin Moreno that the Wikileaks founder will not be extradited to a country with the death penalty.

Pengasas WikiLeaks ditahan di London

Julian Assange ditahan di Kedutaan Ecuador di London, selepas permohonan suakanya ditarik balik.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London

Julian Assange will face a possible extradition to the United States.