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Tag: lorries

No need for high-cost transport projects, says group

The transport body says ECRL, HSR and Penang Tunnel are too expensive.

Arson at RTD weigh station: Clone syndicate suspected

Two of five cars damaged by fire were being investigated for cloning activities.

Penang island to designate parking areas for buses, lorries

This followed rising complaints of bottlenecks on major roads caused by the haphazard parking of these vehicles.

Lorry driver cut in half in grisly accident on SKVE highway

Hazardous Materials Unit (Hazmat) deals with possible leakage of harmful chemical that was in one of the three lorries involved in accident.

Road Transport Department should get its priorities right

Instead of harassing Dego Ride operators, how about stopping the tow truck menace or nabbing lorry drivers who flout the rules?

Archived: New Puspakom gear too fussy?

Drivers fret over cost of repeatedly failing brake tests.