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Tag: Lowyat

MCMC, data company seek to strike out Fahmi’s suit

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission says it should not be held responsible for implementing orders from the minister.

Probe into data leak ongoing, says Jailani

Deputy communications and multimedia minister says witnesses have been called in to have their statements recorded.

Experts: Laws, greater vigilance sorely needed to curb data breach

They warn that with online threats becoming harder to detect, any organisation or individual could be vulnerable.

Report: Personal details of 220,000 organ donors leaked online

Tech portal Lowyat.net says the files were leaked online as early as September 2016, in the second big data leak reported in three months.

Police, MCMC tracing email account holder over data leakage

IGP says holder of the mysterious email account is believed to be an employee of a company that works for MCMC.

Is govt protecting telcos over data leak, asks Pua

PJ Utara MP Tony Pua slams 'simplistic' advice given by government in Dewan Rakyat on 'changing passwords regularly', instead of acting on telcos to improve cyber security.

It’s ‘elitist’ to block sayakenahack.com, says site designer

Tech blogger Keith Rozario says banning the site means that ordinary folks don't deserve to know whether their data has been compromised, but hackers do.

Alleged data breach: ‘Miscommunication behind removal of article’

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak says the issue has since been settled as Lowyat.net cooperated with MCMC when asked to pull down the report.