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Padmaavat banned due to depiction of ‘cruel’ Muslim ruler, says Putrajaya

The home ministry says the Bollywood epic film gives a bad impression of Islam.

LPF: Filem Bollywood tentang hubungan cinta Hindu-Islam terlalu sensitif

Lembaga Penapisan Filem enggan memberi maklumat lanjut mengenai sebab filem Padmaavat diharamkan.

Hindi film on Hindu-Muslim love affair too sensitive, say censors

But the censorship board refuses to give further details on why the movie Padmaavat is banned.

Censor board bans controversial Hindi film Padmaavat

Bollywood movie starring Deepika Padukone gets the axe in Malaysian cinemas as censorship agency places it in ‘not approved’ list.

LPF: Any movie screening needs approval, whether public or private

Film Censorship Board chairman says it was wrong for Penangpac to screen a gay movie and claim it was for 'mature audiences only'.

Lam Thye: Violent movies one cause of rise in bullying

Even with film censorship, adolescents have alternative ways to watch violent movies, such as pirate DVDs or on the Internet, says MCPF vice-president.

Astro ordered to censor drama The Magnificent Century

Turkish historical fiction drama series tells story of Suleyman the Magnificent, the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

LPF tidak terlibat dalam penayangan ‘Beauty and The Beast’, kata KDN

Pengeluar dan pengedar filem tersebut mengemukakan rayuan pada JKRF untuk tayangan tanpa potongan

Ridiculous censorship law, says activist after paying RM10,000 fine

Human rights activist Lena Hendry says government should let people deem what is right or wrong for themselves when watching a movie.

It’s go, go Power Rangers as censors give the nod

Movie based on 90s TV series, is second one this month targeted at children to be screened in local cinemas with a P13 rating due to 'gay' character.

Lena Hendry fined RM10,000 for airing documentary

Human rights activist found guilty last month of screening documentary on Sri Lankan civil war, No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka.

Powers Rangers’ ‘gay superhero’ may see it banned in Malaysia

Movie held back from original release date this weekend, pending review by censorship board, 'to avoid any issues that may arise'.

Beauty and the Beast: Malaysia tegas mahu adegan gay dipotong

Walt Disney dilaporkan telah menghantar satu rayuan kepada LPF semalam untuk menilai semula keputusan memotong babak berkenaan.

Nazri blasts censorship of movies, says ‘enough is enough’

Tourism and culture minister says unnecessary censoring of movies will only lead to viewers seeking ways to watch it illegally.

Beauty will not meet her Beast after all in Malaysia

Local film distributor has decided to postpone screening of the movie indefinitely despite getting the green light from the Malaysian Censorship Board.

‘Boleh ubah kesudahan Kabali tetapi filem bukan punca jenayah’

Dua pemimpin PKR dan MIC tidak membantah tindakan mengubah suai filem Kabali, tetapi kerajaan diingatkan tanggungjawab membanteras gejala jenayah.

Umur 13 boleh tonton Kabali, mengapa tidak ‘Jagat’, tanya pengarah

LPF didakwa memberi dua layanan berbeza dengan membenarkan klasifikasi P13 untuk filem Kabali.