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Is the LRT for Penang island a blessing or a curse?

The project will require at least RM170 million to maintain annually and may lead to higher assessment rates for house owners in future.

Overwhelming public approval for Penang’s LRT project, says CM

Penang chief minister says fewer than 3% of almost 3,000 people who viewed the LRT plans on public display are against it.

Nod for RM10 bil federal funding for PIL 1, LRT likely...

Chow Kon Yeow says the two projects will be included in the 12th Malaysia Plan (2021-2025), which will be tabled in Parliament in the third quarter of next year.

Pelan Halcrow diubah suai alternatif bagi Pelan Induk Pengangkutan Pulau Pinang

Halcrow mencadangkan rangkaian sistem pengangkutan awam yang merangkumi trem, Bas Rapid Transit (BRT), bas, bas perantara, laluan kereta api dan feri.

ART versus LRT in Penang

The Penang government should justify why it is choosing the LRT over a technology that is better, cheaper and faster.

Save RM9 bil by replacing LRT with ART in Penang

The Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit is not only cheaper compared with the LRT, but also faster to instal.

Trem tanpa landasan lebih cekap, jimat berbanding LRT bagi P Pinang

Penyelidik menganggarkan kos pembinaan ART antara A$6 juta hingga A$8 juta (RM18-24 juta) per kilometer berbanding LRT yang menelan belanja sekurang-kurangnya A$50 juta (RM150 juta) setiap kilometer.

Public inspection of Penang LRT plan from Aug 19

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow hopes the public will provide feedback and criticisms, which will be reviewed by those involved in the project.

‘Bigger picture’ involving LRT plan looks bad, CAP tells Penang CM

Consumer group says CM must realise that Penang’s natural resources are being destroyed and projected ridership won't be that high.

Kenapa bina LRT bila ART sama baik tapi jauh lebih murah?

ART adalah sebuah sistem hibrid trem-kereta api-bas, terbukti berjaya di China dan lebih murah untuk dibina dan diselenggara.

‘Why LRT when ART works just as well for a fraction...

Penang Forum questions state's preference for RM8.5 billion LRT line.

IJM’s RM1.1 bil LRT3 contract terminated

It receives the notice of termination for the underground works from MRCB George Kent Sdn Bhd on Monday.

Proposed LRT line won’t cut into cemetery, reiterates Penang DCM

This follows claims by a group that over 600 bodies might have to be exhumed if the LRT line were to cross a portion of the cemetery.

600 bodies may need to be exhumed if LRT runs through...

The Sungai Nibong Besar Mosque Action Committee holds protest against the Penang government, warning it not to touch the cemetery.

Proposed Penang LRT track to skip mosque, cemetery entirely

This follows protests by the committee running the mosque in Bayan Lepas.

Penang takes steps to ease traffic

‘The Penang state government is taking positive steps to ease traffic congestion.’

Group protests over LRT line taking over one-third of mosque cemetery

Mosque committee wants the rail alignment amended.

Nasi Lemak Saleha agih 1,000 nasi lemak kepada pengguna LRT

Bagi menghargai sumbangan dan pengorbanan pekerja pulang lewat, Nasi Lemak Saleha mengagihkan juadah berbuka puasa kepada mereka di LRT Pasar Seni.

Build the missing MRT link

There is a need for better connectivity to cater to the working class and the rural population.

Selangor’s 30,000 affordable homes are attractively priced

At 1,000 sq ft per unit, the price is only RM232 per sq ft with two car parks - a rather attractive deal.

While tomorrow’s passengers sleep, LRT’s maintenance wizards battle against time

Vital night crews keep your KL morning rush hour journey on track

Many Penangites silent on major projects due to ignorance, says activist

He doesn't agree with the Penang chief minister's contention that the silent majority support reclamation work and the PTMP transport system.

Penang is already implementing many initiatives to improve mobility

Municipal councillor Joshua Woo says while there is a lot yet to be done local authorities are on the right track.

10 things you should know about My100 and My50

In a nutshell, this facility simply translates to lower costs = higher savings.