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Nasi Lemak Saleha agih 1,000 nasi lemak kepada pengguna LRT

Bagi menghargai sumbangan dan pengorbanan pekerja pulang lewat, Nasi Lemak Saleha mengagihkan juadah berbuka puasa kepada mereka di LRT Pasar Seni.

Build the missing MRT link

There is a need for better connectivity to cater to the working class and the rural population.

Selangor’s 30,000 affordable homes are attractively priced

At 1,000 sq ft per unit, the price is only RM232 per sq ft with two car parks - a rather attractive deal.

While tomorrow’s passengers sleep, LRT’s maintenance wizards battle against time

Vital night crews keep your KL morning rush hour journey on track

Many Penangites silent on major projects due to ignorance, says activist

He doesn't agree with the Penang chief minister's contention that the silent majority support reclamation work and the PTMP transport system.

Penang is already implementing many initiatives to improve mobility

Municipal councillor Joshua Woo says while there is a lot yet to be done local authorities are on the right track.

10 things you should know about My100 and My50

In a nutshell, this facility simply translates to lower costs = higher savings.

2 ways to reduce cars on roads but which will Penangites...

Dedicating special lanes to buses will narrow roads and only lead to protests by motorists but an elevated LRT will pose no such problem.

Why arguments for Penang LRT are a little off-track

The ART system is superior to the LRT in many ways, including in terms of cost for construction and maintenance.

Think twice before building LRT in Penang

The LRT may prove neither smoother nor more comfortable for commuters.

Drop LRT idea for Sarawak, go for electric bus network, says...

Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii says the cost of building the LRT may dry up state reserves and that a green bus network with upgraded roads is a better option.

Property market: Mildly positive and ‘less painful’

With Budget 2019 being described by property developer Henry Butcher as 'mildly positive', what does this imply about the country's property market?

MRT terlalu besar, awal, kata Dr M

Projek itu hanya akan menampakkan manfaat ekonominya pada masa depan.

Chow: If HK had to take advice of Penang NGOs, it...

Penang CM answers thorny issues on Bukit Kukus and alleged inflated population figures when planning transport projects.

30,000 affordable homes to be launched in Selangor soon

State government is also looking into reducing the maximum price tag by RM20,000 to RM230,000 compared to RM250,000 previously.

LRT3 to continue, to cost RM16.6 bil

This includes cost of land acquisition and other costs.

LRT won’t last forever, Penang Forum tells PTMP boss

Tracks are subject to regular and major maintenance, says municipal councillor.

Which is the best transport option of all?

A look at five of the public transport options available in the Klang Valley, how they stack up and which would be best for Penang.

ECRL contractor seeking investment opportunities in Malaysia

China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) says the country remains a preferred market for its overseas business.

Transport ministry to brief Penang CM on progress of 2016 LRT...

The meeting next week follows remarks by the transport minister that a tram system may be more suitable than the LRT for Penang island.

Expert sees Penang losing RM1.2 billion if LRT project takes off

Roger Teoh says the project will ultimately require a government bail-out as its projected ridership numbers are unattainable.

PTMP: A question of financing and changing mindsets

If the plan comes to fruition, the right policies must be in place to support the switch from driving to taking public transport.

Penang NGOs hail Loke’s ‘realistic’ remarks on LRT

However, ex-Seberang Perai Municipal Council member Joshua Woo says elevated trains will be Penang's best option in the long run.

LRT not the best option for Penang, says Loke

Transport Minister Anthony Loke says the ministry is proposing alternatives after a study finds LRT may not be the best bet for the state.