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LRT won’t last forever, Penang Forum tells PTMP boss

Tracks are subject to regular and major maintenance, says municipal councillor.

Which is the best transport option of all?

A look at five of the public transport options available in the Klang Valley, how they stack up and which would be best for Penang.

ECRL contractor seeking investment opportunities in Malaysia

China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) says the country remains a preferred market for its overseas business.

Transport ministry to brief Penang CM on progress of 2016 LRT...

The meeting next week follows remarks by the transport minister that a tram system may be more suitable than the LRT for Penang island.

Expert sees Penang losing RM1.2 billion if LRT project takes off

Roger Teoh says the project will ultimately require a government bail-out as its projected ridership numbers are unattainable.

PTMP: A question of financing and changing mindsets

If the plan comes to fruition, the right policies must be in place to support the switch from driving to taking public transport.

Penang NGOs hail Loke’s ‘realistic’ remarks on LRT

However, ex-Seberang Perai Municipal Council member Joshua Woo says elevated trains will be Penang's best option in the long run.

LRT not the best option for Penang, says Loke

Transport Minister Anthony Loke says the ministry is proposing alternatives after a study finds LRT may not be the best bet for the state.

Projek LRT di Kuching ditangguh, bukan batal, kata ketua menteri

Abang Johari Openg berkata, penangguhan itu untuk memberi laluan bagi memfokuskan pembangunan luar bandar.

LRT project put off, not scrapped, insists Abang Johari

He says postponement paves way for Sarawak to focus on rural development.

Some negative effects of suspending mega projects

The construction of mega projects is closely tied to numerous social and economic infrastructures which are necessary for the growth of the nation.

Trams are significantly safer than proposed Penang highway

While an elevated LRT would pose less risk to the public than an on-ground tram system, the differences in safety statistics are negligible relative to motorised vehicles.

Lights out for Indonesia’s LRT just days before Asian Games

Indonesia is investigating a series of malfunctions that have plagued its first light rapid transit system.

Penang asked Dr M for federal funds for LRT project in...

The chief minister says the state government will ask for low-interest loans if the federal government does not approve the application for additional funds.

Putrajaya and the public transport challenge

The transport minister should undertake a review of public transport provisions for Putrajaya before talking about other massive rail projects.

Why Penang’s expensive LRT plan must be reviewed

The state government should have done a comparative study on the financial viability of alternative public transport systems before a choice was made.

Man dies after trespassing tracks at Puchong LRT station

The incident occurred at about 8am today.

Lelaki maut jatuh landasan LRT di Puchong

Kejadian itu berlaku kira-kira 8.00 pagi, hari ini.

Is the Penang Transport Master Plan headed for financial trouble?

The projected ridership numbers for the Penang LRT are highly unrealistic and will likely be missed by a significant margin.

Why transport planning functions should be a state affair

Each state must equip itself with a right set-up, proper framework, good administrative structure and competent personnel to execute its new functions.

Sarawak CM defends his proposed LRT project

He says he is thinking of the future of Kuching as the population has increased tremendously.

Flood mitigation, affordable housing and LRT main focus of Penang CM

Chow Kon Yeow says the three-island project to create 4,000ha of land and spur Penang’s economy in the booming Bayan Lepas industrial zone will proceed.

Guan Eng: Is it wrong to redo unfair contracts?

DAP leader accuses Penang BN of trying to divert attention away from the BN manifesto's lack of plans for a Penang LRT.

Pregnant woman rescued after falling on LRT track

This is thanks to a system which immediately halts an approaching train upon detecting an object on the track.