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Bekas ahli MYPPP buat laporan polis terhadap M Kayveas guna kepala...

M Kayveas didakwa menghantar surat kepada 13 bekas ahli MyPP bagi memaklumkan bahawa mereka dipecat, selain mendakwa beliau adalah pemimpin de facto parti itu.

MyPPP contemplating legal action against RoS

M Kayveas says he has submitted an appeal to Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin against MyPPP's deregistration.

Kayveas heret JPPM ke mahkamah jika gagal selesai rayuan batal MyPPP

Rayuan dibuat pada 15 Januari lepas sehari selepas JPPM membatalkan pendaftaran MyPPP.

Kayveas the one who sold us out, MyPPP leader says

Simon Sabapathy claims M Kayveas offered to trade MyPPP seats for Cameron Highlands, while the latter accuses party leaders of conspiring with BN leaders against him.

BN always respected MyPPP, says Umno leader

Umno Supreme Council member Tajuddin Abdul Rahman says BN's relationship with M Kayveas took a turn after the latter insisted that his party contest in seats it could not win.

Kayveas to appeal to home minister on deregistration of MyPPP

He wants to see the letter from RoS first, as the row over the party presidency takes a new twist.

Pendaftaran MyPPP dibatalkan ketika berebut jawatan

JPPM pada September meminta parti menerangkan pemecatan M Kayveas.

Kayveas to contest in Cameron Highlands

MyPPP supreme council give president the go-ahead at meeting.

PRK Cameron Highlands: Kayveas lawan calon DAP?

DAP sekali lagi mengumumkan M Manogaran sebagai calon mewakili PH.

MyPPP holds AGM, says D’Cruz is president

New officials have been appointed at annual meeting called on the advice of Registrar of Societies, says vice-president.

Kayveas names 22-member Supreme Council for myPPP

Disputed president says he has a letter from RoS recognising him as president, maintains that the party will be independent.

Sacked Kayveas ‘is nobody to take myPPP out of BN’

Party official says Kayveas had been sacked by the party before May 9 and is in no position to claim myPPP is quitting Barisan Nasional.

Kayveas: Tak berperlembagaan pecat saya

Kayveas berkata, setiausaha agung myPPP cuba adakan mesyuarat rahsia tanpa pengetahuan presiden, tanpa pengetahuan majoriti ahli Majlis Tertinggi dan di luar premis ibu pejabat parti.

Sivarraajh hopes myPPP will help him win Cameron Highlands

The MIC Youth chief says he knows it will be an uphill battle for him in the parliamentary seat.

Ku Nan percaya ramai lagi individu layak jadi presiden MyPPP

Kayveas tidak sepatutnya bertegas mahu bertanding Parlimen Cameron Highlands walaupun sudah maklum kerusi berkenaan milik MIC.

MIC Youth chief denies joining myPPP or working for Kayveas

Sivarraajh Chandran says he will send myPPP president M Kayveas a legal notice over the allegations.

MIC expects to contest in Cameron Highlands

The parliamentary seat has traditionally been contested by MIC but has been eyed by myPPP as well.

MyPPP kekal dalam BN walaupun tak dapat Cameron Highlands

Presiden myPPP M Kayveas berkata keputusan itu mungkin dipertimbang semula selepas pemimpin parti bertemu perdana menteri.

Kayveas flings Segambut back in Ku Nan’s face

Maybe Tengku Adnan should stand in Segambut, maybe he can win that seat, says myPPP president.

Kayveas: DAP arrogant to tell PSM to step aside in Cameron...

The myPPP president says DAP appears during elections and expects people to vote them without having put in any hard work on the ground.

‘Local candidate will win the battle for Cameron Highlands’

Regional Environment Awareness Cameron Highlands president Ramakrishnan Ramasamy says locals are fed up with politicians who 'vanish' after winning the election.

Kayveas: MIC should heed DPM’s advice

MyPPP president M Kayveas still firm he has blessings of Prime Minister Najib Razak to contest in Cameron Highlands.

Kayveas: People no longer influenced by PH’s formula

MyPPP president says the people are not likely to gamble with fate and become victims by choosing the opposition in GE14 to govern the country.

Kayveas wants to ‘Make Cameron Nice Again’

Taking a leaf from US President Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again', myPPP president is said to be vying for the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat.