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Tag: M Visvanathan

Ratifying UN treaties in line with constitution, say lawyers

They say equality before the law is already enshrined in Article 8 of the Federal Constitution, and that the government can always place a reservation on Article 2 of the UN Convention.

Amend law to compensate for custodial deaths too, says lawyer

M Visvanathan says the Civil Law Act 1956 should be modified along with the Government Proceedings Act 1956 as both are pre-Merdeka statutes.

‘Apex court ruling shows magistrates must guard against police abuse’

Lawyer M Visvanathan says judicial officers cannot function mechanically in approving remand orders for suspects in criminal investigations.

Lawyers renew call for special commission on police misconduct

The commission, first proposed more than 10 years ago, could address cases like custodial death more effectively, says rights activists and lawyers.

Lawyers: AG can appeal acquittal, inadequacy of sentence, but without bias

Two lawyers say in Bilqis Hijjas's case, the offence is not serious and the appeal can be seen as a witch hunt but another lawyer says one must remember that it involves the prime minister.

Hindraf: Give the poor a break when passing sentence

Hindraf chairman Waythamoorthy says jailing of unemployed man for stealing 4 Nutella jars suggests judiciary should look at motives behind certain crimes.

Magistrate wrong to order student to recite Rukun Negara, say lawyers

Ordering an accused to read or sing is an additional sentence to humiliate the person in the courtroom, says lawyer M Visvanathan.

Govt must file appeal over trio acquitted in Kayong case, say...

For the sake of public interest, a notice of appeal must be filed tomorrow although prosecutors have 14 days to do so, they say.