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Tag: Mabul island

Rare 2-headed green turtle found in Sabah hatchery

Conservationists on Pulau Mabul are all excited with the discovery of the first two-headed turtle from 13,000 hatchlings released previously.

‘More revenue from letting manta rays roam the wild’

While a dead manta ray is worth US$500, a live one rakes in US$3.5 million a year in diving receipts, says a researcher.

Masidi: Slaughter of manta rays a slap to Sabah’s tourism industry

Foreign divers, who expect to see manta rays alive and swimming, should not be exposed to such slaughter by fishermen, says minister.

‘Horror show’ for foreign divers on Sabah’s Mabul Island

A shark protection association official says foreigners pay up to RM4,000 for a diving trip to see creatures such as manta rays underwater but today they saw fishermen slaughter them onshore.