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Tag: Macau Scam

Former aircraft engineer loses RM550,000 in Macau scam

The Negeri Sembilan resident was told an arrest warrant had been issued against him for involvement in a money laundering case.

Teacher loses RM120,000 of her savings in Macau scam

She says she was convinced she was speaking to 'court officials' and 'police' who warned her she was involved in an investigation over drugs and money laundering.

Ah Long guna kad ATM peminjam untuk aktiviti ‘Macau Scam’

Pemberi pinjaman wang tanpa lesen itu mengarahkan setiap mangsanya membuka akaun bank sebagai syarat memberi pinjaman.

Robbed by phone calls: How I lost RM95,000

A victim details his experience of being scammed.

Selangor cops detain Macau scam mastermind

The Taiwanese man was detained during one of his monthly visits.

Miri civil servant loses RM1 mil in Macau scam

She transfers her life savings to new account provided by scammers after being told her bank account had been compromised in a drug deal.

Farmer duped of RM290,000 by ‘Bukit Aman cop’ in phone scam

The woman, aged 54, was told she had been involved in a drug-smuggling syndicate.

Cybercrime awareness campaign targets 6 groups

Authorities say retirees with substantial savings are the most vulnerable.

10 Malaysians linked to ‘Macau scam’ nabbed in Thailand

Cops also seized over RM30,000 in cash and dozens of bank account books.

Polis: Kes Macau Scam meningkat, kerugian cecah RM98.3 juta

Jumlah ini meningkat berbanding tempoh sama tahun lepas melibatkan 862 kes dengan kerugian berjumlah RM25.8 juta.

Cops shut down call centre scamming Chinese nationals

Among the 99 people arrested during the recent raid were a 'Datuk Seri' and a 14-year-old.

Cops cripple 3 Macau scam syndicates that swindled RM6.3 mil

Police also arrested 48 suspects, including a Malaysian and over 40 Chinese nationals.

Lecturer duped of RM260,000 in Macau scam

Police say the 48-year-old woman was tricked into making a total of nine transactions in eight days.

Polis tahan 44 ‘keldai akaun’ terlibat kerugian RM17.29 juta

Kebanyakan pemilik akaun ditahan terdiri daripada wanita rata-rata mempunyai hubungan dengan dalang.

Thailand no haven for Malaysian scam artists, says security expert

JK Associates' Khen Han Ming says rise in Malaysians getting caught over involvement in Macau Scam syndicates is due to proactive action by Thai authorities.

Is Thailand the new playground for Malaysian scam artists?

Bukit Aman says more Malaysians are heading to Thailand to con fellow countrymen.

‘Datuk Seri’ in Rela assault case tests positive for drugs

Police say he has a previous record for a drug-related offence.

Macau scam: Malaysian teen, Taiwanese gangster face charges

Four other Malaysians are detained by Thai immigration for questioning.

Thai selamatkan wanita Malaysia dikurung sindiket Macau Scam

Berdasarkan maklumat yang disampaikan oleh Kedutaan Malaysia di Thailand, polis Thai menyerbu sebuah kondominium di kawasan Bangna semalam dan menahan 5 lagi rakyat Malaysia serta lelaki Taiwan berusia 29 tahun, yang disyaki menjadi ketua sindiket itu.

Zahid: Change in laws needed to curb online gambling

Deputy Prime Minister says police and attorney-general to decide if existing laws should be amended or a new law drawn up to combat illegal gambling.

Accountant loses RM500,000 to ‘Macau scam’ syndicate

The victim was given a fake number to call Bank Negara.

Lebih RM1 juta kerugian akibat ‘Macau Scam’ dilaporkan

Kes terbaru dilaporkan Jun lepas melibatkan seorang wanita berusia 64 tahun yang kerugian RM280,100.

Melaka cops nab 29 ‘Macau scam’ syndicate members

The Chinese nationals had been operating from a bungalow in Ayer Keroh, Melaka, for two months.

9 foreigners nabbed over ‘Macau scam’

Police say syndicate has made Malaysia the centre of its operations to dupe Chinese nationals.