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Tag: Macedonia

Macedonia parliament backs key Albanian language law despite nationalist opposition

However, President Gjorge Ivanov deemed the new language law to be unconstitutional.

Juncker tells Western Balkans EU membership is theirs, but reforms vital

The six countries that could become EU members are Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia.

Join us at the EU table, Balkan aspirants told

Six Balkan countries have been invited to discuss European Union policies with EU countries.

When Greeks were less fond of Alexander the Great

In one of the most striking acts of his reign, Alexander razed the leading city of Thebes to the ground after subduing a revolt.

Tens of thousands join Greek protest over Macedonia name row

At least 400,000 people participated in the protest intended to persuade the Macedonian government to cease using that name for its country.

Macedonia: The decades-long quarrel over its name

The name of the country of Macedonia has led to many disputes between the Balkan nation and Greece.