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Madonna takes on frightening world with new album ‘Madame X’

Global pop sensation Madonna prepares for the release of her new 'Madame X' album.

Madonna insists she’s staying put in Portugal

Madonna denies rumours she is leaving Portugal, her home for two years after releasing her 14th album.

Madonna slams New York Times profile

Madonna argues the article focuses too much on her age, something she feels would not have happened were she a man.

Madonna loses appeal over auction of Tupac Shakur breakup letter, other...

NEW YORK: Madonna lost a court battle to keep a trove of intimate belongings including a pair of satin panties, a brush containing her...

Madonna performs new song at Eurovision

Madonna opened her appearance with her 1989 hit 'Like A Prayer'.

Madonna drops new single ‘I Rise’

'I Rise' opens with a sample of activist Emma Gonzalez's speech on gun violence.

MTV VMAs: the hottest beauty looks

It was all about creative hairstyles on the red carpet of the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night in New York

Madonna shares an extended video of her Met Gala 2018 performance

The singer who celebrated her 60th birthday on Thursday has shared a 13-minute video showing her full performance at the Met Gala in May 2018, via YouTube.

Madonna turns into ‘berber queen’ for 60th birthday

Hashtagged #birthday #magic #Marakesh, pictures of the American pop superstar have gone viral since she posted a portrait bedecked in berber jewellery, brandishing a sign that reads "The Queen".

Putting sex in sexagenarian: Madonna still shocks at 60

Whether by brazenly injecting sex in the public sphere, adopting gay subculture for mainstream audiences or becoming the top-selling female musician of all time, Madonna has asserted an incalculable influence.

Madonna has an album coming this year

In an interview published this week, Madonna revealed she has an album coming out before the year's end and said its music is inspired in part by her new home city of Lisbon.

Madonna launches US$60,000 Malawi fundraiser to mark 60th birthday

She launched the fundraiser, which will run throughout August, through her Facebook page to mark her 60th birthday on Aug. 16.

Madonna’s ‘special deal’ has Lisbon in a jam

The deal gave Madonna rights to park a fleet of cars in Lisbon.

Surat putus cinta, seluar dalam Madonna bakal dilelong

Madonna minta sesi lelongan dibatalkan kerana ia menceroboh hak peribadinya.

From forks to mayonnaise, the weird beauty secrets of the rich...

We take a look at some of the weirdest celebrity beauty tips out there.

Madonna asks court to block love letter auction

Madonna in a statement to the court called the auction "beyond the bounds of decency" and said she was "shocked" to learn of it through media reports.

Madonna in Malawi to open kids’ hospital wing

Madonna, who set up the charity in 2006, has been a regular visitor to Malawi, taking Mercy and David last year when she inspected ongoing work at the children's hospital wing.

Dancers remember Madonna’s tour that shook pop world

"Blond Ambition" which traveled across North America, Europe and Japan and in 1991 became the basis for a documentary, "Truth or Dare," which was even more controversial.

Madonna adopts twin girls from Malawi

On January 24, the singer had appeared before Justice Fiona Mwale, accompanied by two unidentified children and several other people, before being driven away in an SUV vehicle.

Madonna defends ‘blowing up the White House’ remark

The 58-year-old led the crowd on Saturday in chants of, "Yes, we're ready" to take on policies promoted by Trump, who alienated many women during the election campaign.

Madonna on Trump victory: ‘Women hate women’

The pop icon, who campaigned for Hillary Clinton in her bid to become America's first woman president, said an "insanely high" percentage of female voters backed Trump, who has boasted of his ability to sexually assault women with impunity.

Forbes: Taylor Swift, One Direction highest paid musicians

Women entertainers dominate top 5 with business publication naming Adele, Madonna and Rihanna in Top 5.

Madonna takes adopted children on visit home to Malawi

She is reportedly the biggest individual donor to children’s projects such as orphanages in Malawi, which is ranked by the UN Human Development Index as one of the world's 20 least developed countries.