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Farid Kamil injured himself in lockup, cop tells court

Mohd Faizal Abdullah says he sent the actor for a urine test because he suspected he was under the influence of drugs.

False claims: 12 youth and sports officers remanded

The 12, including three women, will be remanded for three days.

Boy inside washing machine incident: Unemployed man charged

Court disallows bail as none of family members show up to act as bailors.

Court allows Cradle Fund CEO’s post-mortem to proceed on Monday

Widow had sought order to quash magistrate’s order to exhume his remains on grounds the order was 'bad in law'.

Defaming ex-IGP charge: Sanjeevan gets discharge

MyWatch chairman says he feels vindicated but says he still faces a long list of charges.

Court ticks off Farid Kamil for talking about his case

But the actor's lawyer says the press conference held by Farid did not refer to or touch on the court case.

Tahfiz school fire: Teens claim trial to 23 murder charges

The fire killed 21 students and two teachers of the Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah tahfiz school last September.

9 dead: Lorry driver claims trial to reckless driving

If convicted, Muhamad Eizat Hazmi could be jailed up to 10 years.

Romania senate backs bill seen in West as threat to judiciary

Romania follows in the footsteps of fellow eastern European countries Hungary and Poland in increasing government control of the judiciary.

Court frees teacher without acquittal

Seremban Magistrate's Court also orders return of RM500 bail for Azizan Manap.

Director fined RM49,500 for non-payment of staff’s tax deductions

Roger Gumbrell convicted of 33 counts of failing to pay to the IRB the sum deducted from his employees’ salary without valid reason.

Contractor fined for reckless driving that killed married couple

The 28-year-old driver was drowsy when he rammed into a husband and wife on a motorcycle eight years ago.

Boys held over tahfiz fire freed after serving 2 months on...

The two brothers will be placed under supervision for two years and will report themselves to the National Anti-Drug Agency to seek treatment.

#KitaLawan rally: Adam Adli freed of charge

Magistrate says prosecution did not prove prima facie case against accused.

Bilqis Hijjas acquitted of throwing balloons at PM’s event

Magistrate says Bilqis' evidence that she only dropped the balloons to attract PM's attention to uphold constitutional principles was never challenged by the prosecution.

Sanjeevan freed from cheating charge

Magistrate Umzarul An-Nur Umar acquits the MyWatch chairperson after complainant declines to give evidence.

Magistrate wrong to order student to recite Rukun Negara, say lawyers

Ordering an accused to read or sing is an additional sentence to humiliate the person in the courtroom, says lawyer M Visvanathan.

Offender need not be present in court in summons cases, says...

However, the offender must plead guilty and it is at discretion of the court to allow such applications.

5 charged with murder of navy cadet, another for abetting

No plea was recorded from them by the magistrate as offences that carry the death penalty have to be tried before a High Court judge.

Six freed of preventing civil servants from carrying out duty

The six, including two assemblymen, had been accused of obstructing Kuala Lumpur City Hall officers during the #KitaLawan rally in 2015.

JJPTR founder, 2 others remanded for 3 days

They were arrested after an investor claimed he had lost RM56,400 in the JJPTR's investment scheme.

Pregnant woman faints after husband detained again under Poca

Her husband, a salesman for an investment company, was ordered held for another 38 days after finishing 21 days of detention.

Ministry sec-gen and sons nabbed in anti-graft probe

MACC to investigate the father-and-sons-team for abuse of power, graft and money laundering.

Remand hearings can be held outside court

It is not feasible to produce suspects before a magistrate in court during weekends or public holidays due to logistics and security issues, says lawyer.