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Tag: Mahathir-Anwar

Criticism sign of greater openness under PH, says PM’s adviser

Kadir Jasin says people could always vote out the current government.

Date of Anwar taking over to be announced, says Dr M

The prime minister says he will keep his promise to hand over power to the PKR leader.

Shooting the messenger, Dr M’s way

Dr Mahathir's rich legacy as a statesman should be preserved for us to cherish, without any blemish of an ignominious end.

Queries on next PM can cause uncertainty, says Dr M

The prime minister says succession talks will create anxiety.

Azmin says too busy for politics, no rift with Anwar

The economic affairs minister denies he was behind a meeting between the prime minister and several opposition leaders.

Dr M the victor in gay sex video saga?

Neither Anwar nor Azmin look good coming out of the episode.

Dangerous times for Mahathir, Anwar and Azmin

It looks like we are coming to some kind of closure to the case.

Dr M to speak at PKR meeting as shadow looms over...

It comes as the party is plunged into conflict over the gay sex video episode.

Strong-arm tactics don’t work anymore, Dr M

It is surely not up to one person, not even Dr Mahathir Mohamad as an iconic leader, to decide how to go from here.

A rare glimpse into NEP’s origins

After the May 13 riots, Abdul Razak Hussein set up a core group which included non-Malays to work out the New Economic Policy which has succeeded in some aspects and failed miserably in others.

Kemelut baru Mahathir-Anwar akan kecewakan penyokong PH

Umumnya, penyokong PH boleh terima pengganti Mahathir adalah Anwar. Tetapi, apa yang mereka tidak boleh terima ialah krisis ke-2 Mahathir-Anwar.

PM power transfer could affect PPBM in Sarawak, analyst warns

UM's Awang Azman Awang Pawi says the Dayak community is seen as more supportive of PKR and DAP.

Fix a date for Anwar’s takeover to stop talk of infighting,...

Announcing a date when Anwar Ibrahim will take over from Dr Mahathir Mohamad will make all the noise about plots and power struggles disappear, say political observers.

Hadi’s pain, Mahathir’s gain

We will have to see if kissing Mahathir’s hand will save the PAS president from prosecution.

No sabotage but some don’t agree that I become PM, says...

The PKR leader was asked about an interview quoting him as saying there is 'sabotage' to stop him from ascending to the top government post.

Despite Dr M’s pledge, Anwar has another hurdle in road to...

The deal reached by Pakatan Harapan is not enforceable under the law, says a constitutional lawyer.

A promise is a promise, says Dr M on stepping down...

The PPBM chairman says there is no question of him remaining as prime minister beyond two years.

PD campaign heats up as Anwar seeks to avoid ’embarrassing’ win

For the first time in 20 years, the PKR leader will share a campaign stage with Dr Mahathir.

Old battles in New Malaysia: The odyssey of Anwar and Mahathir

With the euphoria of May 9 dissipating, the unfinished battle between two long-time rivals – Mahathir and Anwar – is set to take centre stage. Former ambassador Dennis Ignatius gives a two-part analysis.

It’s his right, says Dr M over Anwar’s PD move

The prime minister says he is aware of the debate over Anwar's candidacy.

Will Dr M hand over reins to Anwar? I know these...

The former prime minister also admits that the unimaginable happened when Pakatan Harapan formed the government.

There’s more to ‘new Malaysia’ than Mahathir and Anwar

We cannot hope for the PH politicians to come up with plans as they will eventually succumb to temptations of their offices.

Contohi sikap Dr M dan Anwar, nasihat PKR kepada pembangkang

Pemuda PKR berkata lembaran baru dibuka selepas jabat tangan bersejarah antara Dr Mahathir dan Anwar.