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Tag: Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Thanks for making us champs, Dr M tells Chong Wei

The prime minister pays tribute to badminton ace who announced his retirement yesterday.

Telekom akan dapat CEO baru, tapi bukan Imri, kata Dr M

Perdana menteri berkata CEO baru sudah dilantik tapi belum diumumkan.

Govt to take 6 months to study RTS benefits, says Mahathir

He also says Malaysia needs two years to decide on the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail project.

Mahathir queries Axiata-Telenor Asia merger on job concerns

PM has asked for more details on the planned merger.

5 out of 10 a fair score for ministers by PM,...

He says it is a fair assessment from a person who has a lot of experience in the government.

Subsidies for fresh grads? No decision made yet, says Dr M

The prime minister confirms proposal to help encourage youth to take up jobs they shunned due to low wages.

Cucu tak setuju Dr. M jadi PM semula

Tidak sefahaman dalam hal politik, sering dikecam dan tidak tahan jika Mahathir dikecam membuatkan cucunya tidak setuju apabila Mahathir jadi PM semula.

Malaysia is a friend of China, welcomes investments, says Mahathir

The prime minister says Malaysia will consider lowering the 26% income tax if it will bring benefits to Malaysia in terms of investments.

Govt waiting for approval from Malay rulers on new chief justice,...

He says there is a provision for the proposed name for the appointment to be submitted to the Conference of Rulers and not just the Agong.

Anwar a better leader than Najib, Dr M says

The prime minister says it is more acceptable for the PKR president to lead the country than his predecessor.

Cabinet made decision on Rome Statute according to procedure, says Saifuddin

The foreign minister says the decision was made based on the provisions of the Federal Constitution.

Saya sokong Dr M bukan mahu talian hayat, kata Hishammuddin

Isu gerakan menjatuhkan perdana menteri dimulakan pihak Pakatan Harapan sendiri dan beliau hanya mengulas perkara berbangkit.

EU risks ‘trade war’ with Malaysia over palm oil, PM warns

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says while Putrajaya is not promoting a trade war, it is 'grossly unfair for rich people to try and impoverish poor people'.

I have used ‘dictator’ before to describe Dr M, says Nurul...

The Permatang Pauh MP says she doesn't understand why the term has become problematic after she used it during an interview with a Singapore newspaper.

It’s not nepotism, Dr M says over Mokhzani’s role in motorsport...

The prime minister says his son had spent a lot of his own money when he was chairman of the Sepang International Circuit for 13 years.

PH strongly backs Mahathir as PM, says Azmin

There is no issue of a no-confidence vote against PM, he tells Dewan Rakyat.

Khazanah owes lawmakers, people an explanation, says Mahathir

He says the sovereign wealth fund must also have an action plan to reduce future losses.

PAS now a ‘sophisticated’ and respected party, Umno veep tells Dr...

Mohamed Khaled Nordin defends the PAS-Umno alliance after the prime minister recalls the time PAS labelled Umno members as infidels.

Why scuttle if you are unfazed by Umno-PAS alliance, Najib asks...

The former prime minister mocks Pakatan Haparan for issuing statements if it was not concerned.

Umno-PAS ‘marriage’ to ensure Najib’s return, says Dr M

The prime minister says Pakatan Harapan is not worried about the cooperation between the two parties.

Anifah jumpa Dr M bincang hak Sabah di bawah MA63

Ahli Parlimen Kimanis itu berkata, beliau akan terus menyokong usaha kerajaan persekutuan mengembalikan hak Sabah, termasuk royalti petroleum di bawah MA63.

Dr M, the worst election offender in Semenyih?

The prime minister's speech implied that discrimination against opposition-led constituencies is perfectly 'normal' and a long-standing practice.

Anwar slams PAS for spreading rumours of no-confidence vote against Dr...

PKR president says other leaders had not heard of any plot to topple the prime minister.

Saya hanya ikut langkah Dr M gesa Tunku letak jawatan, kata...

Ahli Jawatankuasa DAP Johor itu mempertahankan gesaannya supaya perdana menteri meletak jawatan.