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Public pressure gathers momentum over acquittal in maid abuse case

An online petition started by Tenaganita urges the AGC to quickly table the Domestic Workers' Bill to protect people such as Adelina Lisao who died from alleged abuse.

Laws to be amended to enhance protection for domestic workers

The human resources minister says there will be amendments to seven Acts relating to labour rights.

Prominent businessman and wife claim trial to exploiting domestic workers

Ketheeswaran M Kanagaratnam and Vivienne Ketheeswaran are accused of exploiting their domestic workers for the purposes of forced labour from October 2012 to March this year.

3 Indonesian maids allege ill-treatment by Tan Sri, Puan Sri

They claim, besides being assaulted, they were not paid their wages and never allowed to return to Indonesia.

Government to consider law to protect domestic workers

Deputy minister Mohamed Hanipa Maidin says he will discuss the issue with the women, family and community development ministry.

Have law to protect domestic workers, Putrajaya told

NGO says the law should ensure that domestic workers get off-days, EPF, Socso, annual leave and sick leave like other workers in the country.

Anger at Singapore ads offering Indonesian maids for sale

Singapore is home to almost 250,000 maids, mostly from poor parts of Indonesia or the Philippines, who head to the wealthy city-state to earn higher salaries than they can back home.

Click and save: websites help Asian maids escape debt bondage

From Asia to the Middle East, thousands of migrant domestic workers are trapped in debt and cannot escape, even if they are abused, as they have to work to repay the recruiters that found them work and often make deductions from their monthly wages.

Indonesia hopes new film will help fight human trafficking

Officials from ministry which partially funded the film that premiered last month, said they hope the story can serve as a deterrent.

Report: 2 Indonesians abused, locked in canteen

Republika Online reports that the employer has been detained for investigations.

Zahid hopes Indonesia will not stop sending maids to Malaysia

Saying such a measure will be bad for both countries, the deputy prime minister adds he will meet with Indonesia’s manpower minister to seek a solution.

Cambodian NGO ‘sickened’ over lighter sentence for maid killers

Human rights group says Federal Court commuting death sentence and imposing of new 10-year jail term on lesser charge is distressing.

Report: Cambodia to resume sending maids to Malaysia

First batch of domestic workers to arrive in June, following discussions between the two governments, Khmer Times reports.

DPM: Employers can get maids from 9 countries

He says only Indonesia and the Philippines insisted on a minimum wage for their maids.

Cambodian maids: Resolve glitches in direct recruitment, says envoy

Malaysian Ambassador to Cambodia Hasan Malek says among the problems are the provision of training, salary approval and allowing the implementation of the re-employment programme stalled in 2011.

Sacked for being pregnant, Hong Kong maids called ‘dogs’, left homeless

Many pregnant foreign domestic workers are also unlawfully fired, charities say, leading to homelessness and destitution, with some women selling sex to survive and are at risk of exploitation and trafficking.

Agencies involved in human trafficking too, says Tenaganita

Tenaganita director Glorene Das says even without the direct hiring of foreign domestic workers, many cases of human trafficking still occur.

‘Hiring maids directly may see increase in human trafficking’

National Association of Private Employees Agency doubts govt initiative will work, saying illegal agencies will not have to compete with legal ones anymore.

What to do if you think someone you know is being...

As a community, we need to learn how to recognise the signs of someone who has been trafficked, and how to take action to help.

Cambodian arrested for trafficking maids to Malaysia

Ou Radin is reported to have earned at least RM6,000 for each of the more than 20 women who were forced to work under harsh conditions in the country.

Tenaganita: Recognise maids as employees

Human rights NGO says as long as there's no protection mechanism, domestic helpers will run away.

Anger over calls to limit air-con for Hong Kong maids

The maids are required by law to live with their employers which rights campaigners say makes it hard for them to escape mistreatment.

University students turn cleaners to earn some extra money

Nothing to be ashamed of as they are making money through their own effort and hard work, they say.

IS exploiting moderate groups to lure Indonesian maids

Though these maids working in Hong Kong,Taiwan and Singapore are earning good salaries, they feel empty or isolated and want to be ‘better Muslims’.