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Mais lancar modul baru galak pesalah akidah ‘taubat’

Menerusi modul ini pesalah akidah akan dipulihkan secara berperingkat bermula daripada saringan klinikal, kerohanian Islam dan pengukuran tahap riddah (murtad).

Jill Ireland case: Court rejects religious body as intervener

Lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla says judge finds Mais has no direct interest to be included as party to the judicial review.

Zaid chides elected leaders who are mute on matters of Islam

Public policies still fall under elected representatives and not religious leaders, says the former minister.

Penulis blog diseru mohon maaf kepada Sultan Selangor

Mais mendakwa ia mengandungi kenyataan berbaur fitnah selain memberi gambaran yang tidak benar terhadap Sultan.

MAIS tells bloggers, apologise to Selangor sultan or face legal action

The Selangor Islamic Religious Council denies claims that the sultan is involved in lawsuits.

Don’t practise selective prosecution, Jais and Mais told

Amanah queries why no action was taken against those who had clearly used religion as the background for their political speeches.

Islamic group files legal challenge against fatwa

Hizbut Tahrir is seeking an order from the shariah court quashing the fatwa that it is a deviant group.

Mais: No forcing religious teachers to attend Anwar’s talk

State Islamic religious council orders religious department to retract order that teachers must attend seminar featuring former opposition leader.

FT Islamic council withdraws bid to intervene in Allah case

But Selangor Islamic Religious Council still wishes to act as intervenor in Sarawakian Jill Ireland's judicial review challenging Home Minister.

Court gives Islamic bodies 10 days on ‘Allah’ application

On September 30, the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the church to remove MAIWP as a party in court proceedings.

Selangor’s Perangsang pays almost RM700k in tithes

Annual zakat contributions by state government-linked company and its subsidiaries presented to Selangor Sultan.

Gelaran ‘syaitan’ undang permusuhan antara agama

MAIS menasihatkan penganut Islam dan bukan Islam mengelak daripada menggunakan gelaran buruk terhadap penganut agama lain.

Section 66A amendment irrelevant to SIS judicial review

Court finds amendment to Section 66A of the Administration of Islam (Selangor) Enactment has no bearing on the fatwa against SIS.

No restrictions on women being syariah judges in S’gor

However, they cannot judge cases involving hudud and qisas, says MAIS.