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Reduce DAP’s majority to remind them of election pledges, says Yong

The former Sabah chief minister says a good showing by the opposition in Sandakan will be a wake-up call to the government.

Sri Lanka rivals target defectors to end political crisis

The latest member to defect was rewarded with the cultural affairs portfolio in Rajapakse's government.

Australia PM rules out early poll after by-election blow

Morrison signalled he was willing to work with minor parties and independents to address Phelps' agenda.

Australian government vows to see out term after losing majority

The government still intends to run its full term with a general election due in May 2019, despite the ruling coalition now holding just 75 seats in the 150-seat lower house of parliament.

Australia’s government set to lose majority in landslide by-election defeat

Morrison will now be left relying on the support of independent lawmakers to continue to govern in the tightly contested parliament.

Anwar to be sworn in as MP on Monday

Dewan Rakyat speaker Mohamad Ariff Md Yusoff says it has been included in the Dewan Rakyat order paper.

Set up RCI to probe judicial interference claim, urges Karpal’s son

Ramkarpal Singh says allegation points to serious decay in judiciary which cannot be allowed to continue at all costs.

Senior judge interfered in Karpal’s sedition appeal, says lawyer

Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla claims the Court of Appeal was supposed to allow Karpal Singh's appeal but this was reversed due to interference by a senior judge.

Lawyers: Good reason why Anwar wants quick return to Dewan Rakyat

Anwar Ibrahim must be elected to the legislature and win the confidence of the majority of MPs to be appointed prime minister.

Pakistan’s Imran Khan wins vote but no majority

Although Imran Khan won the election, he has to form a coalition before he can take power.

Dayak, Orang Ulu seats no longer safe for PBB-led GPS

Merdeka Center notes that preliminary data from GE14 indicates shift of support from non-Muslim Sarawak Bumiputeras for Pakatan Harapan.

Who becomes MB is up to assemblymen, says ex-judge

Their choice will be in line with the state constitution, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Why submit 3 names for post of Selangor MB, lawyer asks...

Lawyer R Kengadharan says strict adherence of the Selangor constitution is necessary if one is determined to uphold rule of law.

Spain’s new prime minister names cabinet with women in majority

Sanchez, whose Socialist party holds just 84 of 350 parliamentary seats, was propelled into office on Friday after an unlikely alliance of anti-austerity and nationalist parties backed his bid to unseat Mariano Rajoy's conservatives over a corruption scandal.

Musa takes Shafie to court over CM’s post

Musa Aman, who was sworn in as chief minister two days before Shafie was sworn in, files writ of summons challenging the appointment.

Negeri PH awaits instruction on swearing-in of new MB

Negeri Sembilan PH deputy information chief says they are waiting for further information from the istana.

Ex-judge: King has no choice, must appoint Mahathir as PM

Gopal Sri Ram says the constitution only requires that the prime minister have the support of the majority of MPs, and does not take into account which party has more MPs.

Mud-slinging, sabotage as Malaysia gears up for polls

Analyst Yang Razali Kassim says this is 'the most unpredictable general election in Malaysia for years'.

Adik arwah menteri Sabah mungkin bertanding di Apas

Nizam Abu Bakar Titingan yakin pengundi di Apas meletakkan kepercayaan kepada BN untuk membawa negara ke arah lebih gemilang.

Late Sabah minister’s brother may stand in Apas

Nizam Abu Bakar Titingan is confident voters in Apas still believe in BN to take the country to greater heights.

GE14: Negeri Sembilan is PKR’s responsibility, says Anthony Loke

Negeri Sembilan DAP chief says PH is looking to take over the state by winning seats that it lost narrowly in 2013.

Court lifts obstacle on EC to start redelineation process in Selangor

The Court of Appeal, by a majority decision, has set aside a stay order given by the High Court less than two weeks ago.

Can govt sue one for defamation? Apex court to decide

Federal Court allows DAP Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chien Jien's leave to appeal over Sarawak government's suit against him.

Law expert rebukes BN lawmaker’s ignorance on forming govt

The ruling coalition in Malaysia is obsessed with the two-thirds majority as in the past it could amend constitutions without support from the opposition, says Aziz Bari.