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Tag: Malay rulers

Rulers will be consulted on uniform shariah law plan, govt assures

De facto Islamic affairs minister Mujahid Yusof Rawa says decisions will be reported to the rulers, while deputy minister Fuziah Salleh says their consent will be sought after the final draft is ready.

Rome Statute, between Hirohito and the Agong

Not one of our constitutional clauses on rulers provides for the declaration of war to be in the hands of the Agong.

Stay out of Mahathir-TMJ spat, Zuraida tells PH leaders

The PKR veep says the war of words is of a 'different level' that should be handled by the prime minister alone.

Don’t waste your time probing Rome Statute forum, police told

Activists pour scorn over latest sedition probe.

Academics should defend their stand on Rome Statute at forum, Patriot...

Patriot president Mohamed Arshad Raji says the four academics who advised the Malay rulers should be able to defend their academic integrity.

Need to inform citizens about Rulers and Constitution, says minister

P Waytha Moorthy says outreach programmes must be improved so that people are informed about constitutional provisions.

We talk, but Rome Statute would have allowed us to act

Ratifying the treaty would have allowed us a say against the lack of prosecution against atrocities committed by countries like Israel and Myanmar, which have always been our concern.

Rulers also sought AG’s views on Rome Statute, claims Annuar

The Umno leader says the sultans' reservations over the treaty are not solely due to a memorandum by several academics.

Rulers could have been ill-advised on Rome Statute, says Ku Li

Umno veteran responds to Putrajaya's decision to quit the international treaty.

Egypt-like coup could happen if people incited over Rome Statute, says...

The Amanah leader agrees with the suggestion that people could take to the streets and threaten the government if it goes ahead and ratifies the Rome Statute.

Signing Rome Statute won’t affect king and Malay rulers, says lawyer

Edmund Bon says people need not worry that the king and the Malay rulers will be affected if Malaysia signs the Rome Statute which governs the International Criminal Court.

Sultan Abdullah is next Agong

Perak ruler Sultan Nazrin Shah remains as Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

PAS mistaken, AG has no power to investigate, says lawyer

Senior lawyer Baljit Sidhu says the attorney-general only has power to institute, conduct, and prosecute and he has no power to investigate, including investigate rumours about the Agong.

Rulers hold unscheduled meeting amid social media buzz, says report

Sources say the unofficial meeting was to discuss 'a serious matter', NST reports.

No one above the law, rulers included, says Dr M

The prime minister says he is disturbed when laws are breached by invoking immunity.

Don’t ‘disturb’ royal institution, position of Islam, says Zahid

The Umno president says the party is against ratifying the ICERD as it wants the rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution to be preserved.

‘Melayu Bangkit’ rally the last thing we need, say ex-servicemen

The National Patriots Association hits out at Umno leaders for claiming Pakatan Harapan does not protect the interests of Malays and the Malay rulers.

Okay to task 2 groups to reform Islamic bodies, says don

Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi says this is because neither group has the power to make legislative or executive decisions.

I’m not alone, says lawyer accused of sedition

Fadiah Nadwa Fikri questions police action despite Malaysia being a democracy.

Not wrong to question palace spending, says Rais

The former federal minister says the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may not have been aware that the people under him are spending more than they should.

Analyst: Anwar the big winner in AG saga

An analyst says Anwar Ibrahim has firmed up his credibility as a Malay leader with his success in getting royal assent for Tommy Thomas' appointment.

Beware of ‘forked tongue’ man, says TMJ in veiled attack on...

Crown prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim makes a reference to Pakatan Harapan's rally in Pasir Gudang on Friday, saying voters should let the palace fix problems facing Umno.

Anwar blasts govt refusal to restore royal veto

The jailed opposition leader says a Pakatan Harapan government will revisit amendments made more than two decades ago.

Prosecution of Shia Muslims due to apathy, says Syed Farid

Sociologist Syed Farid Alatas says government will change its tune if it knows that the majority will not condone the oppression of Shia Muslims in the country.